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Reasonable Suspicion Testing Guidance for Employee Alcohol and/or Drug Use At Work

The following information pertains to supervisor training.  This covers reasonable suspicion, a situation in which a supervisor may feel it is necessary in order for safety to test an employee for drugs or alcohol in their system while on the job.   1,876 more words

When an employee quits – what’s left behind?

I’ve been reading blogs and listening to talk shows. It surprised me that there were so many of them busy discussing quitting one’s job.

Quitting a current job is a necessary step to new adventures and personal achievement.  355 more words

How to tell if they DO have a clue.

It’s unfortunate that this picture makes us smile.  Humor is often a recognition of some outness we can reject, so there must be some truth in the original idea.  223 more words

Test Us!

Sometimes one just has to blatantly spread the word; well, advertise of a sort.  I just had to announce we’ve made changes! Our new name is Accurate U-MAN Hiring.   106 more words


Do Your Employees Share Your Goals?



A new year is already under way.  

This is the time old goals are dug out, dusted off and inspected for past success or failures.  Based on that, new goals can be set. 227 more words

Have YOU hired a zombie?

Or maybe a witch? Pretty scary idea, isn’t it?

Do you know?

Maybe you’ve chosen somebody who looked good in the interview, but just didn’t pan out.    216 more words


Who SHOULD you trust?

We often get requests to help determine the honesty level of a potential hire so I thought I’d give you a little insight on the subject. 475 more words

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