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How Much is $50 Billion?

How Much is $50 Billion?

Have you ever tried to visualize how much money $50 billion dollars really is? To put it in prospective, it would be a payment of $416,666,666.00 per month for a whole year! 691 more words

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Preventing Employee Theft in Restaurants

Employee theft is a serious issue in restaurant management because it can have a profound impact on the restaurant’s bottom line. Whether or not you want to admit it, employee theft is a widespread problem. 568 more words


An Inside Job.

Pete owns a small plumbing contractor’s business. He has a lot of equipment, such as backhoes and tools, and a truck to pull the trailer that hauls his equipment to a job site. 339 more words

Employee Theft

Preventing Employee Theft in Warehouses

Employee theft can cost companies dearly when it comes to their bottom line, especially in a warehouse situation where there are large quantities of raw materials and finished product for the taking. 648 more words


I Was Going to Pay It Back….Honest!

Another update from the HR jungle….

Sam leads the IT department for his company and is the head of their internal security team.  As part of his duties, Sam has administrative rights to all electronic and computer-based systems at the company.   362 more words

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