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Job Hunting and the IRS

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If you’re looking for a job, surprisingly, some of the expenses may be deductible. The IRS allows a deduction for searching for a new job, however, as always, there are some restrictions. 375 more words

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What are the benefits of plants in the office? Plants contribute to your workplace environment.

Your employees spend the majority of their time during the week at work. Shouldn’t we provide employees with conditions that are healthy, clean and lend themselves to productivity? 236 more words


Benefits of training your employees online

Employee training is vital for the success of any business in this day and age. No matter the size of your organization keeping your employees up to date with the latest training material will not only improve employee moral, but will increase their productivity per hour and your return on investment. 329 more words


Fire or Fix? Five Tips to Keep the Right Employees

I hopped on my favorite bike at spin class. The music was rocking and I started to pedal. I turned up the tension. An ear-piercing sound filled the air and the pedals flew faster than I wanted. 893 more words


Know Your Rights: Contract Law

Employment contracts contain an implied duty requiring the employer not to engage in conduct likely to damage the relationship of trust between employer and employee. Once again it is implied that employer must provide a safe work environment free of sexual harassment. 104 more words


When Are Wages Due If an Employee is Terminated, Quits, or Is Laid Off?

In the normal course of your employment you should receive a paycheck at specific intervals, such as every week, every two weeks, or even once a month. 153 more words