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To be an Entrepreneur or an Employee, that is the question…

Being an employee can be very fulfilling. If you have a job you love, a pay cheque that leaves you leftovers for savings and great people to work with. 560 more words


From The Eyes of An Employer

A few days ago, I asked my Facebook friends (the ones who are responsible for hiring people) if they would hire someone who is considered employment challenged (an ex-offender, recovering addict, or someone who is homeless). 384 more words



I Was In Corporate America For A Long Time… Well, A Long Time For Me Anyway 1988-2002 (With A Bit More In 2006)

I Work From Home Now, But My Girlfriend Is Out There… And Some Of The Things She’s Recently Been Dealing With, Took Me Back, And Inspired Me To Write This. 822 more words


Why sitting is the new office health epidemic

The article below is from Benefitnews.com, written by Betsey Banker

In the continuing conversation about employee health, there’s a workplace component that isn’t getting the attention it should— and it’s something that workers do the majority of every workday. 737 more words


Make your passion your profession. Your job satisfaction shall be more rewarding than your remuneration.


Employee Motivation in the Workplace

Pada dasarnya setiap instansi pemerintah maupun swasta, bukan saja mengharapkan karyawan yang mampu, cakap dan terampil. tetapi yang terpenting adalah mereka mau bekerja keras dan berkeinginan untuk mencapai hasil kerja yang optimal. 1,370 more words

Compounded Computation Of Interests And/Or Surcharges On Delayed Employer Remittances

Employers in the Formal Sector,Circular No. 2016-034  is in effect starting January 2017. Avoid late payment. Remit your contribution on or before the deadline. For schedule of payment, refer to Circular No. 1, s2014.