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You Are A Working Master in Training

Amid the sea of professions, careers, opportunities, jobs, etc, etc, etc, whatever you choose to title yourself it still boils down to work. What does work require; more work to perfect yourself at your skill. 351 more words


Florida man undermines Uber's claim that drivers aren't employees

Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity has decided that an Uber driver is eligible for unemployment because he was, despite Uber’s claim that drivers are independent contractors, previously employed by the ride-hailing startup. 212 more words


Abolish Performance Appraisals

Abolish performance appraisals….really?  Certainly, if they don’t work!

Performance appraisals impede genuine feedback, and there’s no solid evidence that it motivates people or lead to meaningful improvement.  1,432 more words

Leading People

2015 Macy's Internal Communication Plan

For my Communication in the Workplace in the 21st Century class our final project was to develop an Internal Communications Plan for a company of our choice.   2,502 more words

The Problem

You know what the problem with this era of capitalism is? All loyalty is given to the bottom line. Companies see workers as expendable. As opposed to the personnel departments of the mid-90s and before, humans have now become resources. 205 more words

Human Resources