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Tips from the train

During a recent morning commute, I overheard a conversation between what appeared to be two former colleagues. I wasn’t eavesdropping per se, but as their chatter effectively disrupted my usual quiet contemplation of the day past and the day ahead, I lent them an ear. 327 more words


Is your personality standing in the way of your path to becoming a great leader? Reinvent yourself to become a better boss.

The days of bosses pounding their fist on the desk and barking orders at their workers died out along with employer sponsored pension plans and loyal 30 year employees. 468 more words

Why do I need an Employee Handbook?

Dear M & M:

Why would I need an employee handbook, I only have 6 employees?

– Jim

Dear Jim:

Regardless of how many employees a business may have an employee handbook serves many purposes.

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Survey Says....Don't Be An Idiot!

According to a recent survey of the top 10 non-food industry employers in the USA, the #1 way to not get hired is to post stupid things on social media! 381 more words


Your Employees Are Probably Doing It, So Have a BYOD Policy

People today can (and do) work from anywhere—connected through the Internet, WiFi, and cloud-based platforms with a variety of mobile devices. This makes preventing confidential and proprietary business information from “walking out the door,” whether intentionally or not, a nightmare for employers. 488 more words

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Learning Lean

At the beginning; you may see Lean as something abstract, too idealistic to be true; but after you got the basic ideas everything starts to make sense.   210 more words


Why your employees are leaving you and how to make them stay.

Whenever someone quits their job, it can really shake up a team’s dynamics. Remaining employees might find themselves scrambling to cover the extra work for weeks or months until someone new gets hired. 363 more words