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Stop being jokey, discouraged and lazy where God has placed you now and that place is your school as a student, when will you stop misbehaving and wasting your parents/guardians’ money, resources and time? 140 more words

Educated Personnel

How to care..

Does it really matter if employees care about the company, the product, the customer, their fellow employee, or the process? When reading these words it is probably fair to think that everyone would say, “Of course it matters!” 196 more words


Small Businesses Prospering. Thanks, ObamaCare


Amy Lynn Smith: Michigan Small Business Offers Competitive Employee Benefits Thanks To The ACA

Ryan Irvin and Amanda Stitt are the kind of small business owners who want to do the right thing for their employees. 259 more words

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The human cost of technology

Technological advances have bestowed huge benefits on our lives and our capacity to explore the unknown. But we have also paid a dear price for those gains, both as individuals and as a society. 670 more words


Let Our (Working) People Go

I want to pick up on a point that was made by David De Paolo yesterday in my post, STOP THE MADNESS!!!, and in… 545 more words

Medical Tourism

The Right Light Can Save Your Vision

There is no doubt that the focus on reducing energy consumption in the past decade has led to the increased use of fluorescent light bulbs over conventional incandescent bulbs. 38 more words