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A long-standing anomaly about racial discrimination in the labour market

CHART: Asians Make 15% More Than Whites, Is That Because of 'Asian Privilege' or Discrimination Against Whites? http://t.co/9YnkDDrcbO
Mark J. Perry (@Mark_J_Perry) March 19, 2015

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A Different Slant on Class-Based Hiring Discrimination

Most employers are familiar with the pitfalls of discriminating against applicants in protected classes under Civil Rights laws. For the most part, African Americans, Hispanics and other minority groups experience the brunt of this type of discrimination. 252 more words

Employment Discrimination

The Bechdel Test: whether women are in a movie as fully human characters, or as plot devices for the male characters

Hollywood is a slave to the box office on the most cutthroat industry there is. Film producers and screenwriters will portray men and women in whatever roles and whatever extent sells tickets. 239 more words

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