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Job Wrapping Helps Job Boards and Corporates Alike

Gone are the days when potential candidates needed to check newspapers to find jobs. In the recent times, using job portals or job boards to find jobs is the usual thing. 426 more words

IT Job Postings

(Oblique) Strategies for better job interviews

I’ve had a few job interviews over the past three months. In fact, I had one today. That’s why this latest episode of “The Exploding Boy” has been delayed. 629 more words


The Galleries

First off, let me thank each and every one of you who actually took the time to review my Flickr.com photos!  You are all awesome! 379 more words

That's Life

Great, You Have Found a New Business, Now How to Buy It?

Looking to purchase a business? We can help! There are a number of steps involved in buying a business, and working your way through them can seem quite overwhelming, particularly for first time buyers. 705 more words
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Carrying The Wheel

Whales don’t actually swallow people: that’s just a bible story. I think we all know that. What does remain is the idea of a person who carries bad luck with them. 1,133 more words



A test of maturity is how to deal with a situation that you weren’t happy with. I’ve worked with people who have little issue letting me or anyone else know how unhappy they are working with them. 923 more words


Interview Tips- 10 Things you Need to Know

You’re sitting in reception waiting. Waiting and waiting and waiting for your interview. You hear the sound of heels clicking down the corridor. Your hands are sweaty (not ideal as you’re definitely going to be shaking hands soon) and your heart is pounding. 1,337 more words