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Fear & Frustration

I cried myself to sleep a few days ago out of fear and frustration.

I feel like I’m wasting my days at a job I hate when I should be home studying what I love. 30 more words


First Week On The Job

This was my first week on the job and the supervisor put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.

One of my co-workers decided to take a week long vacation at the last minute. 156 more words


Fight or Flight?

Between my atypical neurology and PTSD, getting and keeping a traditional job is very difficult for me. Actually, just walking out my front door and out into the world is pretty daunting all by itself. 1,486 more words


Three To Tend Bar (2015)

1. Employee.
2. Worker.
3. Dolly Saville.
In UK,
still on payroll-
As she passed at 100 yrs. old.


The Kim Kardashian Centre for Mental Health and Global Equality


While it is generally accepted that depression shares some general symptomatic traits (fatigue, anxiety, hopelessness, etc.,) I am a firm believer that beyond that, it is an illness that is more aptly described as a tailor made torture chamber. 276 more words

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