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The cult of the job

We need work not so much because it’s a way of paying the bills, but because it also meets many emotional needs for us. In order to be mentally healthy, we need to have our emotional needs met such as social contact, connection to a wider circle, being competent at something, being needed, friendship and emotional intimacy, security, autonomy and control, fitting in, status. 631 more words


Neurodiversity is trending: A commencement speech

For all the graduates, what a beautiful and momentous day! Let’s enjoy it to the fullest, but let’s not forget those less fortunate than us wherever they might live on the planet we share. 905 more words


A motley May.

Gosh where does the time go? Have suddenly realised I have not summer up last month and we are almost in July!

Good things about May were: 303 more words


Fruit Bowls in Art are the [expectations] of a Strong CV.

Fruit bowls on a dry canvas,
Are the oils that make
A fruit bowl a fruit bowl.

Fruit bowls you won’t eat. Because it’s paint. They let the colors do the seduction. 242 more words


The Résumé Rider: Career GPS on Twitter

It’s safe to say that every motorcyclist has a smartphone (even us baby boomer bikers). It’s even safer to say that it would be hard to find a… 487 more words


The Tightness of Money

I need to pick up my meds.  I also need to pay my phone bill.  I can’t do both.

It’s been a long time since I had to say that.  262 more words

Being Poor

Fuck potlucks

Employers need to throw them out with the shredded docs

None of your staff are going to tell you that they hate potlucks, and they hate you for throwing them. 666 more words