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But I'm The Customer!

When did it become ok to treat your customers as an inconvenience?  Has technology put such a barrier between a businesses staff and the people that spend money with them? 396 more words


Preparing Your Child to be a Financially Responsible Adult

A kiss on the cheek, a pat on the head, a car packed to the brim and your precious baby is off to begin the first steps of his or her adult life. 375 more words

Personal Finance

Full Speed Ahead

There’s nothing like when life gets into a real, fast swing that seems like nothing can stop it or slow it down. The only real thing you can do is grip on for dear life and just swing along with all your might. 389 more words

30 Day Challenge

Your Future Is In The Cards

You’ll never get a job if you’re not memorable.

If you’re a student, homemaker, in the military, or unemployed…WHY do you need a card? Because you want to become a business professional, and business professionals have business cards. 327 more words


Rise of the Robots (part 2)

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In Rise of the Robots, Martin Ford describes how smart machines are starting to replace human workers in more and more kinds of work, raising the threat of a “jobless future.” He sees no alternative but a government-guaranteed basic income to support the millions of people who will have trouble finding jobs. 1,843 more words

Amazon is starting to experience the headache of having an airline

Amazon may want fewer humans in its vast shipping network, but that’s tough to do when you have planes to fly.

Pilots for Amazon’s new cargo air service are planning to picket outside the retail giant’s annual meeting in Seattle May 23, demanding higher pay. 272 more words

Macron prepares enabling act to slash contracts, labor rights in France

By Alex Lantier | wsws.org

Newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron is preparing a historic assault on jobs, wages and labor legislation, to be rammed through by presidential decree in the face of overwhelming public opposition. 1,299 more words

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