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Let's Play

Friend, at some point in time we are taught to care what others think of us.

Do you remember your silly childhood antics? The way you would play without care or constraint? 523 more words


Cupid's Arrow

A girl walks past cupid standing on the street, 
She's got her head down, eyes down staring at her feet, 
Cupid draws his bow, takes aim and shoots,  49 more words


These past couple of weeks I’ve been saying yes. Yes to walks, yes to spending time with others, yes to visiting waterfalls, yes to afternoon exercise (when I created a story in my head that I only exercise first thing), yes to going on boat trips, yes to road trips, yes to eating out, yes to pretty much all of the things that irrationally present fear inside. 187 more words


Respectful empowerment

The power of what other people think is extremely strong and although, we may know better but we go with what other people say or think because we feel that we want to stay part of that tribe or that group. 290 more words


A Mother's Rights #6: You have the right to exercise every day.

There’s an author named Candace Pert who wrote a book called, “Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind.”  I love, love, love this concept. It makes so much sense! 444 more words


The Stand

I won’t lie…after a CRAZY busy holiday weekend & an even crazier impending weekend coming up, I didn’t really feel like posting something on the blog this week. 458 more words

Make it work

Life sure is inpredictable. Who knows how you’ll end up in 5-10-15 years? But life is made of choices. You can chose to make a decision that will take you where you dream to go or you can chose to give up. 85 more words