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The Time I Really Fucked Up

It is hard for me to admit my faults and to be blunt, it’s hard to admit when I fucked up. But it happens. We all are going to fuck up throughout our lives, more than once. 1,503 more words


Life is too short

Don’t wait around for them to recognise or to appreciate you. It’s their loss. But the train must move on and you should keep on doing amazing things. 96 more words


Letting Go

How can we do that? 

We can let go.

We do it by focusing on the positive things in our lives. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. 188 more words


All Wired Now

We have entered into an Era of the Gaming world. When you come home after a brutal workday greeting your offspring no one cares to respond as they are hunched over and hypnotised by a hashtag#gizmo. 178 more words


Giving Up and Taking On: Lent 2019

I don’t necessarily identify as a religious person, but truthfully more as a spiritually person. One thing I do practice is the season of Lent. For the past 3 years I try to give up a non materialistic thing and take on something to better myself. 381 more words


Correct when you are corrected

Do not correct a fool, he will hate you; correct a wise, he will appreciate you.

In life, there are no perfect human beings are we are bound and going to make the same mistakes a number of times. 209 more words