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And I Didn't Spill My Ice Coffee

Because sometimes you have to remind yourself how strong you really are.

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Life Chatter

🌺Be You🌺

Don’t worry about what others may think of you. You never have to convince someone that you’re a good person. Do not waste your energy. The more you try to convince them otherwise, the more ammo you give them. 38 more words


Travel Friday: Chart Farm, Cape Town

I was introduced to Chart Farm, in 2007, when my friend Jen and I decided we were going to “discover” places to eat where they served real food,  and not birdlike portions. 593 more words


Don’t take it personal ❤️🤷🏽‍♀️

With the help of social media and other sources, many people are falling into the traps of victimizing themselves based on the opinions that others. Are we really becoming to sensitive? 206 more words

I Whispered

A day with a grand is a grand time to plant seeds of empowerment.

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Life Chatter

Lay it on me.

I think sometimes people who know of my losses feel like they have to tiptoe around me. I guess I understand why; maybe they feel that I am more fragile now because of what I’ve been through, and they don’t want to say anything to upset me or make things worse. 551 more words

How to set goals and actually achieve them


Goals help motivate us to reach our dreams, they help us get closer to living our happy and purposeful lives. 518 more words