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Everyday Struggle is a Must

‘Where there is Struggle, There You Find Strength.’

It is within every human being the strength to overcome any adversities in life. The most powerful and greatest people whom we have learnt or known are those who have gone through terrible sufferings, faced failures, struggled and endured hardships, knowns losses and through all this they have found their way out of the depths and risen to great heights making a history and setting examples for the world to follow. 141 more words


Work in Progress

It started with an unexpected job layoff. Followed by 5 months of unemployment. Then a new job. Starting over is always tough. This job in particular was tough. 726 more words


Be The Example

Become an example to your peers of what they too can achieve.

We can go around telling people exactly how to behave and what to do to achieve their goals, to become successful and fulfilled, but people don’t listen to what they are told, we don’t follow rules told to us by people that aren’t that much better off than ourselves. 142 more words

Sports Spotting!

10 years ago, Redlawada School was a small school, with many classes conducted under the comforting shade of the massive tamarind tree. While there was time to play and engage in physical activities, it has only been in the last few years, with the infrastructure development in the school, that we have seen the school’s sports accomplishments improve and increase. 193 more words


Choose Health

when i first started this blog i really wanted to focus on nutrition as i had just finished my nutritional coaching certification and i thought i should stick to that. 1,365 more words

Kin #239 Blue Overtone Storm

“The energy you bring, positive or negative, dictates your perceptions, receptions and radiations.”

~ T.F. Hodge


Blue Overtone Storm

I Empower in order to…

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