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"Isn't It Demeaning to Me if I Respect My Husband?"

A guest post from a precious sister in Christ who is very new to this journey:

Thank you!! I was ready to quit when I stumbled onto your site. 1,058 more words


The Tone of Voice Challenge - 5 minute VIDEO

I’d like to encourage you to continue smiling at your husband and children – and now also to begin to focus on having a friendly, pleasant tone of voice whenever possible and whenever appropriate. 263 more words

Godly Femininity

What Is Godly Spiritual Leadership?

Caution – if reading about what husbands “should do” (even in Scripture) is a trigger for you to feel depressed, discouraged, bitter, resentful, or upset – please skip the first part and go down to the section where we pray together for our husbands, my dear sisters! 1,687 more words


"I Wish My Husband Would Pray with Me More" - Part 1

The poll results have been very interesting from the questions I asked last week. I am so thankful for so many women (and men) answering my questions. 2,361 more words