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I'm not "just" anything - and neither are you.

I believe that I developed a personal dislike for the way the word “just” is used against people (usually, from their own mouths) pretty early on in life, so when… 560 more words

Empowering Others

A response to the Christian anti-gay-marriage response.

I have been asked to collect some of my thoughts and comments from other conversations regarding same-sex marriage for the benefit of others. My goal with these thoughts were originally, and continue to be, to help other Christians understand that one’s personal faith and/or a church’s doctrine has absolutely nothing to do with the civil rights of others and that, whatever your understanding of where God is on the gay-marriage issue, homosexuality should have no effect on you unless you are a homosexual. 1,734 more words

Empowering Others

Change vs Inspiration

Can we really change people or is it only possible to inspire others? 

Today I saw a man stripped naked while the police searched him for drugs on Brick Lane. 239 more words

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The Danger Of A Leadership Graveyard

Churches can easily become leadership graveyards.  All it takes is a little centralized decision making and some micromanagement and you’re already well on the way… 379 more words

Leadership Development

the late Bob Hope's Christmas celebrations with US military through the decades

the late Bob Hope’s Christmas celebrations with US military through the decades:  http://biggeekdad.com/2011/02/bob-hope-christmas/

Empowering Others

my Favorite prayers at Rotary meetings

my favorite prayers at Rotary meetings

my personal prayer

Please join me in a moment of reverence, prayer, meditation, reflection or silence – whatever best suits you.  340 more words

Empowering Others

Life-long value of sorority experiences during college

from Jean M. Mrasek, National Panhellenic Conference chair:  NPCCentral@NPCWomen.org & 3901 W. 86th Street, Suite 398; Indianapolis, IN  46268