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LDR200L: Seth Godin Blog Reflection

After exploring Seth Godin’s witty, insightful blog posts, I happen to come across one called, Kicking and screaming (vs. singing and dancing). This post stuck out to me because I’ve often heard the phrase, “kicking and screaming” before, but I was interested in what the phrase “singing and dancing” meant. 289 more words


Why are we regressing as a nation?

Arkansas passed an “Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act” that became law on Monday in passive approval by our Governor, Asa Hutchinson, neither signing nor vetoing the bill. 355 more words

Empowering Others

A Leadership Ramble: What makes a Good Leader?

What makes a good leader?

This question is one that I feel like I’ve heard countless times over my years as a student, and it’s certainly a question that I’ve heard quite often now that I’m a part of Central Michigan University’s Leader Advancement Scholarship. 1,108 more words


16 Quotes To Challenge and Lift Your Thinking

I often view life as a journey. Contrary to what some may think, the journey is never going to be a smooth one. If I were to do a quick poll, most would rather they not meet up with obstacles or challenges. 556 more words


The Power of a Legacy

Whilst legacy is normally consider property left behind there is also the intangible aspect of legacy. For example, a person can leave a legacy through their relationship with others, family traditions, charitable efforts, and career decisions. 20 more words

Empowering Others

Annual award honoring Hispanic men in the Lubbock area (northwest Texas)


Los Hermanos Familia of Lubbock proudly inaugurates the new “Adelante Awards,” a recognition program that will become an annual event showcasing & honoring Hispanic men in the Lubbock community… 486 more words

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Don't be Afraid to Say "Thank you"

A few weeks before my mother passed away, I wrote her and my father this thank-you

note. I had meant to read it to her when I came home that weekend. 493 more words