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Mad Hatter - poem from my archives

I’m frequently misunderstood,
with more squares than a rubix cube.
I’m simple but complex,
not what you’d expect.
Stop trying to put me inside a box. 273 more words

Reflection of a time

Sometimes we let ourselves fall apart to better reunite with what we are to become. Sometimes, we wake up and forget who we are and for a second, we breathe the world in. 87 more words


Feminism in 2017

Watching half the world march for the empowerment of women yesterday made my heart swell with joy. I spent the last few weeks in December prepping for an essay which I had to write on “Gender inequality” for a competition called SheLeads and it broadened my view on feminism and gender equality. 995 more words

Stand up for your rights!

This past Saturday was a historic day for women.  Across the world, millions joined together to march for their rights and values.  Women and men alike held powerful signs that made it impossible to ignore their voice.  73 more words

Advice 4 Girls

The Future is in Intersectionality

On Friday, January 20th, 2017 Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States.

Yesterday, Saturday, January 21st, 2017 many muxeres marched in cities across the nation and the world uniting under common ideals – reproductive rights, equal work for equal pay, and social media was flooded with #PussyGrabsBack, #PantsuitNation,  #NastyWoman among other signs of empowerment and solidarity. 902 more words


"Free, A Novella Part VII"

“Free, A Novella”
by Felicia Denise

Part VII

A lone tear slid down Lennie’s cheek as she stood in the doorway.

She had almost lost her son that night, and her children, their father. 976 more words

Women's Fiction

What Does Your Offense Look Like?

Storms in our lives will always be present. Their existence has a purpose. We won’t always understand the purpose or always appreciate the purpose right away. 709 more words