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Bolivian Mother's Day, a fight for Independence

Mother’s Day celebrations evoke different sentiments around the globe in the quest to honour those who have given their life to give life. In my home country, Bolivia, Mother’s Day is both a celebration of gratitude to present day mothers with the usual fanfare of flowers, chocolates, cards etc, and one of gratitude to the courageous women of Cochabamba, who in 1812 fought against  the Spanish army. 594 more words


Make up your mind! –What you sound like when….

Here’s what a typical female response sounds like….

“I’m not sure, but I think…”

“Perhaps we could try this way…”

“Maybe the reason this didn’t work is…” 227 more words


Why do you believe God? Why aren’t you telling people more often? Today we will share many things. Let 1 of them be your faith.
– M. Goodman –


Public speaking TIPS – Body Language

Your Posture. Don’t slouch. Stand tall, stand proud (sounds like an anthem or something.) Good posture projects confidence. Slouching makes you look unsure of yourself and by extension the material you’re presenting. 1,086 more words