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Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends to Know

Anxiety is so incredibly real. It can hit you like a train and come over you like a sudden traumatic storm that you never saw coming. 392 more words


End Emotional Eating (70)

This book by Jennifer L. Taitz is a wonderful and concise exploration about how to cope with difficult emotions and develop a healthy relationship with food. 202 more words


Being Generous: The Art of Right Living (69)

This is an extraordinary little book about how to be generous.  This is a topic that we need to hear more about in this egotistical world of ours when the only important person is ME. 194 more words


Love hard, dream big.

I have always been a firm believer in having a good crack at life, jumping in, taking risks and following what feels good. The times where I have felt the most joy were the ones that were spontaneous, irresponsible and messy, where instead of doing what I ‘should’, I decided to do what I wanted. 443 more words


Dear Piers Morgan...

Dear Piers Morgan,

I’m sat at home, on my bed, after a long day at work and i’m mad. I’m mad because you made me mad. 684 more words


If you want things in your life to change ...

  • The importance of understanding we have to BE the change inside us if we want to see the change in the “outside” world.
  • Your thoughts will become your actions, your actions will become your habits and your habits will become your destiny…
  • 6 more words

Busy little Bumble Bee

So I was chatting to a hottie on bumble last night and he said that he had been on there for a few weeks, gotten lots of matches but I was the only woman who had the balls to message him and I’ve only been on there a couple of days! 152 more words