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The Phoenix Tattoo

We can only rise from the ashes of our failures – Unknown!

Very recently I, Girl with the Pink iPhone decided to get inked with a new tattoo. 301 more words


I got a love letter back!

Heyo folks!

How’s everyone doing tonight? In my head I’m an Emcee so that sounded super smooth…in my head at least.

So remember how last week I wrote a tear jerker of a love letter to my daughters step mom? 1,115 more words


Parenting Is Exhausting

I have been a mom since I was 17 years old.  So, my identity has been wrapped around motherhood for over 26 years.  I cannot imagine NOT being a mom.  539 more words

What Caused You Pain Today, Will Make You Stronger Tomorrow

To everyone who fell down and stood up by themselves,
To every tear shed, and a heart broken,

To every failure, heartache and mistake,

I just want to say that, it’s not okay, but it is bearable. 296 more words

Humanity Forgotten

I wave goodbye as my sister walks to her dance class, Wait should she go alone?parents are not in station and I have errands, I can’t miss. 131 more words


She Should- Linda Lee Lyberg

She should forget her passions and innermost desires
incinerate her wants and needs
build a gasoline fired funeral pyre
tie them all to the killing stake… 185 more words