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The Write Question

It has often been asked “Why bother?” or “Why do you write?” If this was something asked a few days ago I would have responded that it was what I was good at. 324 more words

Personal Development

5 Suggestions on Handling Fear.


Have you noticed a surge in articles about fear lately? How fear can paralyze you. How fear can make you do irrational things, how it can manipulate you into making decisions that you wouldn’t usually make? 558 more words

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The Man of My Dreams

I fell in love for the first time at 15. Before that I had zero interest in the opposite sex, but at 15 I fell in love with a guy 2 years older with dark hair and brown eyes and enough mystery for me to idealize who he was while being unable (due to my oppressive religious upbringing) to get to know him and find out who he REALLY was. 1,133 more words

Brainstorming Uranus in Taurus..

Another busy week has gone by and Im feeling thankful for the well deserved rest ahead.

This week I went through a myriad of strong(ish) emotions. 385 more words

Astrology And Me

Value-Based Communities

Community well-being is dependent on the capacity of communities to harness social and economic justice.

Capacity Development