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I Am Broken & Whole. I Am Me

Crawl out of that cave of denial. Dust your shoulders off and hold your head high. Stop reducing yourself to a person you are not and represent the woman you are. 60 more words

What Really Matters...

Today I was looking through old photo’s from years gone by. With each picture that I saw, the more and more memories came rushing back to me as though they had only happened yesterday. 241 more words


Peter Ralston Interview Episode 29: Participating in this work

29. Participating in this work from Peter Ralston on Vimeo.

In this video Peter Ralston talks about participating in consciousness work. This clip was taken from a video interview with Leo Gura from… 15 more words


Where are you putting things off for ‘later’? The only time and the only place to start moving toward the outcomes you desire, is Here and Now. 12 more words


Does my job make me a loser?

I came across an article a few weeks ago which struck a chord with me.  It references the importance of leaving work on time.  It’s not that I think that the author is wrong about this.  1,362 more words


"SweetSexySavage" #Badass Empowering Music Album!!

From listening, Taylor Swift’s classy heart broken, and empowering music to badass album “SweetSexySavage” by Kehlani. There’s not a day I don’t listen to her music, for several reasons. 2,711 more words

Welcoming a Loss of Innocence

In the last years and months I am seeing in myself, in my clients and other women in my life, huge shifts towards empowerment and self-hood. 1,818 more words