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Deaf culture and the development of educational offers for hearing impaired students in Morocco

Four deaf students are actually learning at the campus vivant’e and are integrated in our regular classes. Together with Asmae, our deaf assistant, the teachers of the primary and secondary school continuously develop the learning methods and opportunities for the handicapped students and strive to balance their needs with the requirements of the national curriculum, adapted to our individualized pedagogy. 255 more words

Apprendre Autrement -unschooling - Anders Lernen

But I'm Supposed To...

The other day I was having a conversation with my daughter and she was feeling bad that she forgot to do something related to her school. 953 more words



A faint thud

A heavy drop

I can feel my heart throbbing in my throat but I wouldn’t speak

The pounding is increasing

The bass has my trachea vibrating… 109 more words

mind to body, body to mind

Our bodies and feelings are connected, not in some mystical, intangible way, but in a manner that directly affects our everyday life. Smiling makes us more prone to becoming happy, punching things makes us angry, and nodding your head yes makes you more likely to agree; many times our physical actions reaffirm our emotions and make them more powerful. 310 more words


A New Point of View

Perspective is so personal. It’s often the sum total of our history, general mood and present circumstance. It’s the way we weave a tale around life’s events. 142 more words



I’ve come to the realisation after a very recent experience that sometimes we don’t actually miss the person in the essence of what they bring or brought into our lives but much rather just their physical presence more than anything, just someone to fill the void of loneliness quite often as I’ve learned. 199 more words