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"This movement was most upsetting to the powers that be because of its classlessness," says Meryl Streep

The radical methods of the British suffragettes have earned them comparisons to today’s terrorists. Speaking at the Women in the World summit in London on Thursday, Sarah Gavron, director of the new film… 1,011 more words

Arts And Culture

C.G Jung – The Four Major Archetypes

By Eddie Seanan

The term “archetype” has its origins in ancient Greek. The root words are archein, which means “original or old”; and typos, which means “pattern, model or type”. 141 more words


Blog Action Day: Raising Voices Against Brutality, Inequality in Education & Other Worldwide Injustices

We live in an amazing time in the world. Technology has changed so much about the way we live and what we now consider to be basic necessities. 561 more words

Women And Girls

Stronger Than (National Poetry day/black history month)

Stronger Than

The struggles that I face have a multitude of levels, the fight that I put in is deeper then one can comprehend. They talk of me but they will never understand me, because I just don’t do simple, and when it’s hard I am fighting and when I am not there I am struggling, when I am there I’m there, and if I ever do something it’s because I believe it can help somebody. 229 more words


Conscious Living Evolves Your Capacity To Transform and Achieve

Conscious living is about moving out of automatic pilot and on to greater awareness of “one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts and surroundings”.   It’s about taking control of your life, thinking about your decisions, making conscious choices about how to live your life; it’s about having a life that you want rather than settling for the one that just happens to you. 278 more words


Enthusiasm, Favorite Poems, Family Business, Overcoming Negative Reviews

with Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® Radio brought to the airwaves under the auspices of Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity, LIVE, since 1998. 697 more words


Wealth Empowerment


Khentrul  Thadral  Rinpoche

Will bestow the
Wealth Empowerment 
of Orgyen Khandro Norlha
in the San Francisco Bay Area

F R I D A Y   ~  O C T  9,  2015… 15 more words