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Indigenous women across Canada create striking photo blog celebrating culture and ancestry

Canada’s population of indigenous women made headlines frequently over the past year as the world has begun to pay attention to its struggles with violence and kidnapping. 192 more words

Arts And Culture

Leviticus 13-14: Sick Garments/Diseased Houses

So God regulated the choice of food for the people of Israel so that they would avoid injurious food from unclean animals and would eat only that which would be healthful for them.  4,460 more words

Guest Post: I Want to be Just Like Her

Whenever I have a shitty day at work, I only have to look to the left of me to be reminded that things aren’t all bad.

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A Voluptuous Mind

Heart That's Stronger

Now before I get everyone who may be reading angrily grumbling under their breath, I want to outwardly acknowledge how grateful, and truly fortunate I am to have had a mother, who for the most part, single-highhandedly supported both herself and I (my dad only really helped out when it was convenient for him, not necessarily when he was needed to – not bashing my father, this is just the truth) on the small, sad income of a Nevada high school teacher’s salary throughout the entire course of my own high school career. 605 more words


Kindness Magic

Kindness Magic

Kindness goes a step ahead of fairness. Fairness has a logical premise. Kindness needs no logic. It is just a natural instinct. But, it creates magic. 207 more words


4 Tips for Increased Productivity

Recently we’ve been talking about the topic of being productive during the summer months in your business. I hope you’ve been able to follow through on at least some of those thoughts. 461 more words


Top 20 Workout Songs for Women

Had a rough day? Feeling a little down in the dumps and leaning toward skipping your workout? Add these 20 songs to your workout playlist and you’ll feel like you can move mountains. 44 more words