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The contemporary Western view of Manchu China: Edmund Backhouse and J.O.P.Bland's China under the Empress Dowager (1910)

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 My reading over the last few weeks has been very much focussed on a number of accounts dealing with the last- and arguably greatest- of the Manchu Empress Dowager, Cixi, or Tzu Hsi (1835-1908). 1,758 more words


Just say - Cixi!

The Empress Dowager Cixi (akaTzu-Hsi) was born into the Manchurian  Yehenara clan, on the 29th November 1835.  She became a powerful and charismatic woman who unofficially, but effectively, controlled the Manchu Qing Dynasty in China for 47 years, from 1861 until her death in 1908. 220 more words


Cinderella and the Prince

Cinderella find happiness pair of glass slipper on her life, which was the dream of many girls, wearing only a pair of their own glass slipper, together with the beloved prince happy dance …… But in reality, Cinderella is not So simple, good: the prince is not so fallen in love with her …… not changed, only unique: a pair of glass slipper – 3,758 more words

"Gu Dai" Drama: The Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan Review

I know you must be thinking to yourself, what in the world is “Gu Dai”?

Up to this point, we have been introducing to all of you out there dramas that have caught our attention. 579 more words

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Empress Dowager Cixi and Catherine the Great

The two powerful women featured in this comparison are significant because they knew how to assess their situation, develop influential followers, and then create a plan of action. 1,063 more words

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