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The Ultimate Stage of Empty Philosophy

Sometimes I’m surprised by the people around me. I attended Plzensky Barcamp last week, and it was amazing. People were showing their skills, talking about a bunch of stuff that interested them, and were really amazing in many other ways. 368 more words

The only way to have meaning

No finite point has meaning without
an infinite reference point.

—Jean-Paul Sartre


Slipping Away

I feel my breath losing confidence;

I feel disappointed at realisations

I didn’t know could have affected me as much as they did,

I don’t feel sometimes; 52 more words

Reflections & Confessions


Flashes of lights of rushing cars,

Tired eyes of street lamps rooted in place,

Pale shine of the moon and glittering stars

Draw figures of humans and ghosts out of space; 214 more words


Feeling empty?

Feeling empty, got a vacuum in your life? Cheer up, you’re in the best possible situation to receive something!

Even Jesus, “ sent the full empty away,” and he’s not the only one! 160 more words


Empty of you, love shines

Love does not need an intention or object to love.
It is the highest expression of the being in recognition of itself.
It is the unity of Being. 85 more words