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Strap-It-On and Insert Without Lubrication: Otherwise known as "Ouch," or "We Aren't Facebook Friends Anymore?"

X boyfriend. He sucks. A drug addicted, a liar, a thief and apparently, interested in strap-ons and orgies. Fuck me in the ass without lube to hear from your friends what a shitbag you are, but it still hurts very badly. 262 more words

The Waking Dream

We grasp
This cannot go…”

Yet every moment
Comes & Goes
Seasons change
The world turns
Days are born & die
Everything… 96 more words


Me, the sun

12:56 am

Awake, yet again. Alive, fortunately.

Thoughts and words were overflowing from my head and I couldn’t find a space to put it in. 284 more words

The Voice

The moonlight sky
enticing lights
The whisperings
to try the carpet ride.

The promise
of the golden throne
with its shiny
diamond stone.

and celebrations… 129 more words


The wisdom that understands emptiness

“The wisdom that understands emptiness becomes much stronger with the help of concentration. Concentration brings the power of the mind to bear, and to develop concentration, we need the discipline of ethics.”

— Insight from the Dalai Lama


Hot and Cold

Hot and cold, you drive
me crazy trying to hold
sunlight in my hands.