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Avoiding the truth

“In the lives of most human beings, everything is about an avoidance of the truth. The truth that we are avoiding is the Truth of emptiness. 140 more words


The wrong songs...

…at the wrong time.

The wrong pictures that are never good.

The wrong people who are calling me.

The wrong places I’m going to.

The wrong smile I put on my face. 67 more words

Status Quo

To whom it may concern.

So to begin, I just want it out there. I am new to this whole blog thing, I’m not here for the views or for people, I’m here for myself. 260 more words

The Aching Emptiness That Won’t Go Away

One of my real struggles with Christianity is my inability to connect with God.  I know He’s there, but I still feel a deep sense of emptiness when I pray.  721 more words



The day after your child is born

You realize that pain and discomfort can be worthwhile


The day after you utter piercing words

You realize that hurt cannot be taken back… 207 more words



Hey, how’s tricks?

See what I did there? I’m deflecting, putting the onus on you to start a conversation because I have nothing to say, literally nothing. 308 more words

Life In General!

cherish everything

to live fully
and peacefully
wisely and lovingly
to be here, now
in this moment
to end the tyranny
of the loop of stories
that run endlessly… 139 more words