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#364 - Cry;

Words are the echo,
of the cry of my silence —
my soul’s cry for you.




Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce: Dr. Rational Brains and Mr. BPD, the good and the bad cop of my thoughts. They will be your hosts for tonight – a Friday night after a very stressful week with too little time to recover. 668 more words

Status Quo

Working towards the 'future'

Looking forward to the future is not something I’m very good at I guess. It’s a struggle to pass the days usually, so why look to much ahead? 427 more words

Stories Of The Soul


If heavy rain and hurricane

Can dispel this savage gloom,

I’d give myself to them completely

Than be swallowed up alive by doom—

I’m numb, not dumb; 37 more words


Pockets Full Hearts Empty

We walk this world
With our pockets full
Of stuff
No one these days
Goes empty
Except the refugee
And the man
Who lost his house…
63 more words

Nikon D3300

Safe Place.

Used to dream of giggly things,

floating eternally in ecstasy,

where I fell asleep,

tucked safely beneath,

warm blankets of false securities,

but the ugliness, 64 more words

Americana Injustica

That Dang Dog

Day 1 – That Dang Dog
I went into day one of treatment having no idea what to expect. I was nervous the group would be to big. 265 more words