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Finger Snap

I am a 16 year old girl.  I sit in my room, doors closed, watching the dust slowly dance through the sunbeam coming in my window.  614 more words


‘Play dead daily !’
(Corinthians 15.31)

Enlightenment is reached by being just like when one is dead ! Being like dead &/or playing dead is total actionlessness within complete thoughtlessness characteristics fundamental as 2 align with the One, the source of wisdom. 165 more words



My soul is saddening.


And crying out to the wolves.

Take me away. No answer.

Take me away. Louder.

Take me away. Hysterical.

But while geographically there were many places she could have gone to. 119 more words


Intoxicating Beauty of Emptiness

The ability to feel the vast emptiness of outer space inside of you is bittersweet. On one hand, it’s remarkable how such a tiny, insignificant body is capable of holding an astonishing amount of nothing; on the other hand, it’s exhausting and maddening to deal with so much of so little all the time. 237 more words


Didn't see #Haiku

What her eyes didn’t see.
Emptiness that lay ahead,
Loving his vague heart.

The Quiet Hours

The quiet hours

Display a resolution

Their story is cheap.

Awake; I still dream

The thoughts rattle me

I compare them softly with you.

The illusion almost seems real. 59 more words



It’s overwhelming. This moment, Life, right now, pounding through everything, burning,threatening to explode out of my chest if it weren’t to pass so quickly. It always passes so quickly. 73 more words