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Nothing Can Fill This Emptiness

One of my favourite songs this week is a nice 80s ballad by Cher – I Found Someone.

I found someone

To take away the heartache…

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Building Facades & Chasing Mirages {Bitesize Testimony Part 2}

2007 started to look like a prosperous and promising year. I licked my wounds of the sudden loss of my Air Force Career and pulled myself up from the bootstraps and… 366 more words


Forever single

Not having a boyfriend is an issue  for a couple of weeks, I feel that I am not enough to meet someone that I could share at least few years of my life with. 332 more words


No, not in the good way, I’m talking about life and how anxiety has robbed me of living it to it’s fullest. I’m tired of being and feeling trapped. 143 more words


A New Reality

“A New Reality”

Written by: Shelby Nesheim

I am so confused, and terribly exhausted, from the big adventures of little me.

There is unimaginable beauty in the world around, 412 more words


What to do with our empty selves

I’m taking an online course called “Start Writing Fiction”, but I never know what story to write, so I’ll start with mine. It’s February, I think, and I’m sitting down in front of the computer on a grey Bogota afternoon. 391 more words

Despertares / Awakenings

Behind Closed Doors

I punch this keyboard
Typing my woes
My pen has worn-out of penning my pain