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People usually chase away the darkness,
Finding the light to cast it away.
But there are some who gave up and find comforts in their own darkness. 7 more words


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I lost my voice – in a midst- of a raging storm. What comes next was the unbearable silence.



The Whole of Us

“For some people the donut’s hole represents emptiness; and for some, it represents existence or completion.” I read something like this somewhere, and what I have been able to gather out of it is that the existence of a hole in the donut is what makes it what it is; a donut (something delicious at that). 217 more words

Empty Lies a Crowded Room

Twas’ too soon for me to go

an empty vessel still in tow

the darkness loomed, but glowed, that room

the crowd all dapper-dressed.

The iron box of elevation… 69 more words

Dear Readers


Pieces missing, I come to you broken
Somehow expecting a quick fix
That somehow you’ll know exactly what to do
That your mere presence will do the trick… 34 more words


There were the days when they were close
There are just the illusion and empty spaces.

Shallow Lives

‘Tis a shallow life we live without connection.  Without purpose.  Without someone to grieve the loss of us when we are gone.

Shallow.  Without someone to tell us we matter. 

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