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Maybe all I need is to search harder ...

Stones that I
Carry around

Every stones
A story

It weighs me down

But there is gold
Hidden by rock and sand

I have to search…

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winning and losing in the game of a relationship

It is not a game. It never should be a game.

This is a real story of my friend. Well, I’ve mentioned her in some of the previous posts. 445 more words


To my soul:

Somewhere within you, an artist struggles to a escape. The tinkering pianist from Mrs. Stein’s living room, the harmonizing sister from family V7 chords, and the budding 7th grade soloist belting “Seasons of Love;” the Christine, Lady Larkin, Muzzy Van Hossmere, and Aunty Mame; the NBA soloist, Schubert soprano, solo ensemble perfectionist, and Tangled Up in Blue-r are all nestled restlessly within, stirring for a wake-up call, a door opening. 54 more words


If I cut those that do not comply in my life goal out of my life, then I will not have anyone, which means the emptiness continues, and the depression won’t be cured. 109 more words



Hey everyone! I have no idea what is going on at the moment, my care coordinator has disappeared and won’t answer my calls so I still haven’t seen her about my medication! 306 more words


Existing in a Vacuum (Am I Even Alive?)

I feel more ‘alive’ in my nightmares than in life itself. As terrifying as most of them are, at least I am a part of something. 73 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues