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Twisted Tale - 13WordStory

Without you,
My life’s empty
Awesome too
You foolish,


space travelling {a poem}

i’ve been filling myself up for years
with anything that can let me live
under the illusion that i do not feel empty.

because feeling it means acknowledging… 43 more words



make me a sandwich
of time and emptiness
and i will eat
like a king,
a lion,
the sun,
and until the next meal,
i will lie, 22 more words


Fleeting thoughts of my dying dad...

I’m sitting at our table in my dad’s seat. It’s painful and surreal that this seat will soon be empty at dinner. I do suppose, the youngest of the family will take it’s place as she grows out of her height chair. 33 more words

kids burning books, getting hooked

And I can’t help but show my soul on the dance floor, burning, beating, Always wanting more. Losing every worry with the move of my hips Curing my sadness with a stranger’s kiss Fixing … 6 more words



I’m feeling so empty at the moment and I’m not sure why. Sure I’ve got a number of things going on in my life, but I don’t think they are the reasoning behind this current feeling. 184 more words


Empty page

Where did the words go on the day that they died? The book sat idly, pages blowing back and forth like sails on a ship in the breeze, back and forth, then resting still. 221 more words