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Monday March 27:  Remember when a plate of food is spilled on you just be grateful it wasn’t rotten.

Tuesday March 28:  Someday you will look back on this moment and laugh; that moment just isn’t today.

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Addiction: wanting it whether one has it or not.
Compulsion: aching for it when one has it; caring
less when one does not.

© Chagall ∞


Words: Mistaken Identities

I have reflected elsewhere on the limitations of language in regards to decrypting the intentions of other human beings.  It has occurred to me recently that for all of my awareness of the limitations of language as a narrow aperture through which we may impute the intentions and meanings of another person, my own words here (and elsewhere) may just as often be entirely misappropriated or misinterpreted.  877 more words


Poetry: Empty Circles

Floating boats on a mirage of darkness. I saw this really cool, free public picture of leaves floating on water. Thought I would add an artsy effect for this nature picture. 170 more words

Urban Poetry

You're Not Here

Today I’ve made a big mistake. I’ve created a fake Facebook account to check my ex Japanese girlfriend. I can’t describe the feelings I’ve had the minute I saw her picture there. 183 more words



Oftentimes you’re scared

that your colors might

be drained from your


Haunting possibilities which

may never be revealed

in your stay on this

fight. … 90 more words


Fifty shades darker

So what the fuck did I expect when I made this decision hmm?

Well I never expected I would feel so alone and I never expected I would miss those stupid good morning and good night messages that kept us together. 373 more words

Love And Whatnot