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I look into myself for who I am?
I find an emptiness within

Wanting to be left alone yet scared of loneliness
I search for the meaning in life that remains lifeless… 186 more words


To Learn Something by Being Nothing

The dream of my life

Is to lie down by a slow river

And stare at the light in the trees-

To learn something by being nothing…

560 more words
One Life Remaining

Dead inside, dead to the world 

The walls are already beginning to close in on me once again. I absolutely have to try to get out tomorrow, or the weekend is going to be extremely difficult. 292 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Nothing replaces love

For many of us
Love is simply
An elusive dream —
A dangling carrot before our eyes.

Sometimes we stop chasing,
Giving up on the hope… 75 more words


Cause Lies In Emptiness! 

​SHEKHAR – No no, I’m not. You are people involved in worldly affairs.
THEY – And you?
SHEKHAR – I’m not Involved.
THEY – But you replied, it means you are involved. 358 more words


Satisfy My Erratic Whims, 2017 – Zyklonius’ Anticipated Albums

Following a phenomenal metal year that I went on record declaring the best in recent memory, 2017 sure has a lot to live up to. Without any unnecessary prefacing, I present to you my veritable murderers’ row of bands I expect to slay and decimate with their upcoming releases. 592 more words

Daily Heresy

Contemplation 2


Myriad movements
of energy
manifesting and
radiating as
undivided flow.

Its expressions?
Tight – dense – hard…
Loose – soft – airy – fluid… 33 more words

What Life Reveals