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No Life to Give

Tulips red
two lips red
every month
red blood flowing
from empty wombs.

How can I give life
when I have none to give?
No love grows in desert sand… 13 more words

I Was So Afraid I Would Die

“I was so afraid I would die, you know,” said my barber as I sat in her chair, while she cut my hair.

We all have these moments when we are not in control. 370 more words


Empty Woman

Empty woman
barren or waiting
museum without exhibits
nun pure
filled with rancid hope
walking silent paths
layered with lonely moonbeams

~~Via MemoirsWhich left me Empty

Emptiness is the heaviest feeling.Its a fundamental emptiness we gotta deal with.


Să-ți fie dor - To miss somebody

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În momentele în care lipsa unei persoane pune stăpânire pe suflet, parcă tu lipsești din tine

Să-ți fie dor de cineva doare.

522 more words


This constant lack of interest in the everyday…
This unwillingness to feel happy or sad or anything at all…
This emptiness , the hollowness, the feeling of being inadequate… 79 more words


Emptiness, The Final Frontier, part 5

When observing an object, such as an apple tree, I impute the following:

Attributes: Whether I like that particular type of apple; how I perceive and feel about the shape and structure of the tree and the branches; the colour of the branches, the distribution of leaves and apples, 227 more words