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She was left without words for they were offensive

Without thoughts for they were oppressive

Without character for they would just change

Without an identity for she would be judged… 89 more words




a limp body

organs suspended

drained of blood


stripped of life

stomach empty



nothing left

but putrid flesh

swollen and inflamed… 29 more words

Parama K. Williams

Writing Contest Winner!!!!

Hello everyone! Today is time to announce to writing contest winner! (For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, her is the link to the post… 123 more words

Broken Shells

So when you’re washed up on shore in a heap of debris and broken shell, and when there’s nothing left but empty, you’re still sitting in God’s grace ‘cuz His grace runs on empty! 261 more words


Peter Untermaierhofer: Lost Churches

“Photos of churches that have been abandoned or fallen into disrepair for unknown reasons. As part of his Lost Places series, Munich-based photographer Peter Untermaierhofer… 86 more words


What if?

What if I never know of a love, what if that story’s untold,
Will I stay young in my heart all my years; will my heart never grow old? 153 more words