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Do you ever 

Do you ever find yourself laying on your bed staring at the ceiling. With no thoughts running thru your mind. Just simply nothing.

I like those days. 22 more words

Few Of My Thoughts

a gallery 

The beautiful creaking sound of the wooden floor as I carefully tread the empty gallery is satisfying.

It was a territory I have always been familiar with—my well-planned steps on the way to your heart. 9 more words

The Daily Post

Why the empty glass?

A friend of mine was talking to me the other day, and he made a general comment about my bottle and glass photographs.  He said that he thought they would be more effective if there was whiskey in the glass.   825 more words


Când nu mai funcționează funcția Spotlight pentru Windows lock screen

Am scris acu vreo lună într-un tweet așa: “a new Windows 10 lock screen #Spotlight issue: HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Lock Screen\Creative\* values emptied.”

Am avut o presimțire referitoare la ce s-a întâmplat dar n-am putut verifica până recent. 363 more words

Computere și Internet


Today I was at the dollar store to buy a poster board for a group project, and a guy passing me smiled this huge smile, and then told me that I had a beautiful smile. 566 more words


Empty Places.

The sun is gone with all the gray memories. Sweet memories,tender thoughts, warm senses, bright shapes, sweet voices, light whisper, warm breath, eternal sunshines.

Faded the field and its flower with all budded charms, faded the shape of beauty from my mind, faded the voice with entirely tenderness, faded the sight of beauty from my soul eyes, leaving this empty room so quite than a millions stars. 31 more words


short poem: self lost

Self lost, worlds collide,
Before it ends, tell me one thing,
Was it worth the ascend?
The depths are so low, so cold, so alone. 17 more words