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My days with a pen.

My days with ink are long gone now
Read books,
Rewrote written poems,
Memorized a few,
Forgot a few more
Only to know
What I knew is now no more! 74 more words

Instances Of Life.

Eat, Pray, Love

I will quote some shorts paragraphs here in the very well known my favorite novel Eat, Pray, Love to describe how i felt about marriage and baby things… 80 more words

A Lover's Feelings

Sometimes when I feel like life is hitting me hard I remember I have you and that feeling goes away.

Sometimes when I feel like I can’t go on anymore I remember I’ll wake up to you some day. 16 more words

too good for this world

she always wondered

why she could never stay

in a man’s heart.

she wasn’t complicated.

if your love for her was genuine,

so was hers for you.  146 more words



You know growing up and even now there’s so many shows that I watch and Rewatch over and over and from the outside they are so different. 623 more words

Day 106: How much can words really hurt?

I want you to think back to the worst “telling off” that you got from a parent. What was it for? How old were you? How long were you there for? 233 more words