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almost an atheist

my state of being last week=almost an atheist

i knew GOD existed, I knew JESUS died for me and I knew GOD had done so much for me (including the reason for my  mere existence and other uncountable miracles!) 336 more words

I want me.

Experiencing such an all-encompassing love …the kind that drives you crazy and hits you so deeply …the kind that covers your entire body and fills your entire being…the kind that when their inside of you, it’s just not enough, you want there soul inside of yours….. 662 more words

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Lately I have been feeling empty. Whether it be at work, or in my personal relationships, I lack the energy to put in effort, or to go the extra mile. 186 more words

nothing, absolutely nothing

Social media free for half a day and I am struggling hard. I’m used to constant notifications, and essentially, instant gratification. We all are. No vibrate. 105 more words

Empty: Lent Photo-A-Day

In order to have room for God in your life, there has to be a bit of space.  How to create this space depends on you.   49 more words

Life Lessons

Love's Lost Mooring

No matter what the journey holds it will always be
Without the presence
The preference