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Seven word story

I’ve mistaken my husband for a feeling.


Desk-A-Lax and CS666

I haven’t felt terribly creative lately. Hell, I haven’t felt terribly lively lately. You know what I need? A good desk.

Maybe that needs some explanation. 405 more words



My week with my son has come to an end. I waved him off on the plane this morning. He was excited about this flying alone business again, thankfully. 353 more words

Alternate Endings to Forever

“It doesn’t have to be forever”
my voice is an echo always
there are worry lines already on my face where I worry I’m not anxious enough… 122 more words


36 weeks

Today hurts. Today I am 36 weeks pregnant… except I’m not.

I haven’t posted over the past 6 months because I lost myself so deeply I was pretty much existing and going through the motions. 1,166 more words

Don't Just Cut Bad Out, Replace It with Good

In so many diets and personality techniques, the focus seems to fall on stopping doing something. While it is useful to put a limit on the amount of carbs you’re eating and keep yourself from cutting others off, if the extent of your self-fixing is to simply remove things from your life, you will certainly end up failing or at least not reaching your potential. 559 more words