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Oct. 2nd Sunday Readings

I’ve run out of gas three times in my driving life. Honestly, it’s a little embarrassing. Who runs out of gas multiple times? 575 more words



I’m not sure what I’m doing. Everything I look at seems misleading. My thoughts are never happy. My face is numb. My forced smile is coherent. 374 more words


Doing the Best I Can

Its’ been awhile since I have felt like this.  It’s worse when the hormones are raging. But it’s there and it’s a heavy burden bringing me to the brink of tears. 539 more words

Horror Movie Review: Don't Blink (2014)

Don’t Blink has an really interesting premise, one that will leave you feeling a tad uncomfortable as you try to comprehend just what it would be like to be in the situation the characters here find themselves in. 499 more words

Horror Movie Reviews

Existing in a Vacuum (Am I Even Alive?)

I feel more ‘alive’ in my nightmares than in life itself. As terrifying as most of them are, at least I am a part of something. 73 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues