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Time and circumstance
Choices and happenstance
Living without a life
A lifetime of sadness
A reality of what if’s
Surreal madness

I exist on the edge… 64 more words


Shuffling On My iPod: Garbage

Yes! Garbage is back and its like they never left! I swear listening to “Empty” I was sure I was listening to a track from one of their old albums that I just forgot I heard before. 87 more words




Sometimes you would feel nothing but emptiness inside. Even if a person is trying to make you laugh or distract you from destroying yourself, you just become numb.

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My first thought of blank is empty. I am not sure if empty is a negative thing, although that is what I first think of. It is the lack of fullness. 237 more words


Empty Days

Three days laughing, talking – emptiness
Thirty six hours hugging – emptiness

Sun comes up
Sun goes down

No melodic voice is heard
in harmony with a sparrows song… 83 more words



this post is a response to a daily prompt here

Empty streets

unladen sheets.

Raw and crisp

untainted by heat.

Youthful joy,

unwritten defeats.

Tremor-less fortunes

on a blank writhing cheek.