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From 16 Year Old Me

Cleaning out boxes in the garage can be a good thing. Good when you come across a poem that you clearly remember once writing, ever so long ago. 58 more words



From theInstagram archives. Wimbledon’s brilliant green seating, empty, so much potential energy, 4 months ’til the Championships…

Their position for 50 weeks of the year.

21 more words

Thời tiết âm u khiến tâm tình cũng trở nên ảm đạm.Ta thậm chí còn ko xác định được bản thân rốt cuộc là cần gì và nên làm gì nữa.

mysql_real_escape_string returning an empty string

This can be a little confusing.

The actual parameters for mysql_real_escape_string are not just $unescaped_string, but also $link_identifier. When the latter is left empty, it defaults to the last used connection opened by mysql_connect, so most of the time it’s unnecessary to specify. 117 more words



My mind is consumed by the things I see

My lips utter the things I need.

I need to get this, I need that, I want that. 343 more words


I always thought

Maybe those days are over
I let go, you let go and things will eventually pass along this wave we call life
But, I always thought.. 127 more words

Believing Thomas

Easter is just around the corner, and we Believers need to be prepared to defend the truth that Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead. Otherwise, what are we celebrating? 929 more words