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I'll never regret choosing you.

I’ll never regret choosing you, because you were the one I wanted. The one I loved. I’ll never regret choosing you because I was the one who saw true beauty in what lied beneath your ugly heart. 278 more words


I’m sure that every parent knows or will know this feeling!


How empty seems the house these days

now that we are alone

Our children gone their separate ways… 130 more words


If I Left Now

My heart was empty

My love no more

My soul was dark

My life was short

I never got to heal my pain

I never left the cold dark rain… 44 more words



Once in a while i feel so empty, like a ray is missing from lightt. Or maybe a sugar free cake. That just won’t do justice to the desert. 27 more words


The Man

The man is nowhere

becomes nothing

a different version of himself.

Empty and violently sad

Breaking into your dreams

Drifting in the wind

Sailing beyond the clouds… 12 more words


April 16, 2015

April 16, 2015

A cold, empty house,
Devoid, as it is, of Love,
Awaits my return.


Senryu © 2015 Martin Graham King
Image sourced on Google Images (all rights remain with the creator)

The Dance

She dances alone
Swaying to the music
A smile on her face
Not waiting for Prince Charming

She is Free-Spirited
An individual
She doesn’t need anyone… 175 more words