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How to Windows Installer through MDM (*.msi) to Windows 10 with Intune in Azure

I seems like it is possible to create and deploy Windows Installer through MDM (*.msi) with Microsoft Intune in Azure.

When managing Windows 10 as a MDM device – aka Modern Management the limitation for deploying software is for some a issue but in my experience some companies can ever user be under modern management and in other companies it is only a part of the workforce in the company where this is an option. 252 more words

Windows 10

How to setup - MAM CA for SharePoint in Intune

With Intune update 1704 it is now possible to setup Conditional Access for SharePoint Apps on IOS and Android.

You can now create an app-based conditional access policy to block apps, which don’t have app protection policies applied to them, from accessing SharePoint Online. 141 more words


Lessons Learned in EMS: Lessons 6-11

Here is the second installment in the series on my lessons learned in EMS… You can find the link to the first post, Lessons 1-5, … 2,327 more words

170 - EMS

7:45pm – West Lake Rd – 59 female abdominal pain


A Vicarious Ride-Along with a Paramedic

A man leaves his comfortable career as a reporter and dives into the constantly chaotic and unpredictable world of Emergency Medical Service (EMS). He transforms from a frequently frightened novice to a confident seasoned paramedic who often works in the worst parts of Atlanta. 240 more words


Episode #4: Why a Good PCR Matters

In full disclosure, this is not an episode about how to write a good patient care report (PCR); this is an episode about why it is important to write a good PCR. 262 more words