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Faith in humanity restored (partially)

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I sometimes view humanity through some very pessimistic eyes. It always comes as a shock to me when someone doesn’t.  970 more words

On intubations

The skill of intubations for first responders has been a controversial issue since pretty much it’s inception. I recently came upon an article that had many good points to it. 759 more words

Blue Moon Dispatch 

The moon is beautiful tonight. I’ve admired it several times, but for anyone who works in public safety….dear lord. Full moons are the WORST! We have been SLAMMED tonight. 62 more words

Critics say 12-hour EMS schedule could be deadly in some communities

The 12-hour schedule for Emergency Medical Services workers has been a money-saver for the city and was recently approved for another year.

But critics say the new agreement could put you at risk, depending on where you live. 401 more words


VIDEO | BTS Of EMS "Spittin' Dead" Video @RevOfEMS

I love seeing behind the scenes of music and projects. Probably one of my favorite things because I’m nerdy and like to read liner notes from albums to this day. 66 more words


328 - EMS

8am – SUNY Cooper dining hall – 40 female seizures


The UNfair

Trying to get a day off and I get roped into a stand-by at the county fair.

Usually I love the standbys; time and a half, and lots of trauma skills practice. 57 more words