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SHC GM-free session 15: new roads to travel

Scene: Camp Butler cemetery, somewhere in the early 1920s

The Chicago Peers from the early 21st Century have dropped back about 90 years, and are currently clustered together amongst Confederate gravestones, fighting off an attack by Greater Vampires.

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Sweet Hell Chicago

Three Lessons Game Developers Can Learn From Emulators

Editor’s note: We published this article prematurely, but have now edited it extensively. Hope it wasn’t too jarring for yall.

Players Like Options

A large part of game design involves how the player interacts within the game, but many game developers fail to realize just how important giving players options outside of the game is to the overall experience. 666 more words


SHC GM-free session 14: Camp Butler

Summary: The Chicago Peers have passed through a portal in the Springfield area, and have found themselves in early-1920s Illinois. After having witnessed a gang ambush, and being briefly taken in for questioning by the new-formed Illinois State Police, they have been pointed towards the site of Camp Butler, once a notorious internment camp for Confederate prisoners.

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D20 Modern

Adding Genymotion Emulator to Android Studio


Its very easy compared to adding other stuffs.

  1. First of download Genymotion here and install it.
  2. Also download VirtualBox and install it.
  3. Next go to…
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