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Remix OS 3. Android 6.0 best way for games android !

Remix os it mean hybrid OS android support with PC

so we can play full support with game android on pc without touch screen !



Πώς να παίζω στις Android συσκευές παιχνίδια του Game Boy Advance

Αγαπητοί αναγνώστες του Geek Cyprus, σας έχουμε ευχάριστα νέα καθώς υπάρχει εύκολος τρόπος (τουλάχιστον για Android συσκευές) να απολαύσετε ξανά στιγμές που νοσταλγήσατε, όπου περνούσατε αμέτρητες ώρες με την κονσόλα στο χέρι και σε αυτό το άρθρο θα σας αναλύσουμε πώς μπορείτε να παίζετε Game Boy Advance παιχνίδια στην Android συσκευή σας εύκολα και δωρεάν. 63 more words


X86 emulation rumored to be coming to Windows for ARM in late 2017

(Source: arstechnica.com)

it looks like Windows’s hybrid x86-on-ARM64 tech has a new name “CHPE”, whatever it means :-) maybe something like Compound Hybrid PE ?

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Creator of 'GBA4iOS' Teases New SNES, Game Boy, and Nintendo 64 iOS Emulator 'Delta'

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Users were able to get GBA4iOS onto their iOS device without jailbreaking it by setting the iPhone’s date back to 2012, but even a… 368 more words


Accelerating the Android Device Emulator

With LibGdx and Android Studio you probably use most of the time the desktop app for debugging and testing because it is fastest. Then you will use some real devices too. 96 more words


Trying out VS 2017 RC

Microsoft announced the availability of Visual Studio 2017 RC. I thought I would download it and give it a try.

I am hoping to get some of the latest Xamarin bits running. 412 more words

Sukeban Deka III NES Rom is Fan Translated

If you love emulators and ROMs then this news is for you, Sukeban Deka (Delinquent Girl Detective III) has been translated for the NES. If you don’t know what Sukeban Deka is let me enlightening you, Sukeban Deka is a Shojo manga in 1976, it about delinquent girl named Saki Asamiya  who armed with a  metal Yo-Yo who is taken by the government to investigate high schools around Japan to stop criminal activities. 87 more words

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