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Installation of KVM to speeding up Android emulator on Ubuntu

Checking CPU supports hardware virtualization 

$ egrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo

The result will show the number of supported CPU, 0 if not support. Most of Intel core i3, i5, i7 support hardware virtualization but still need to enable in the BIOS. 55 more words


[Android] ePSXe Pro Patched + Harvest Moon : Back To Nature (NTSC Bahasa Indonesia)

Sesuai Judul, kali ini aku mau share aplikasi PS X/PS One/PS Satu :v untuk android ePSXe + ISO Game Harvest Moon : Back To Nature, langsung aja di download : 45 more words


Brief Introduction to Electronics and Apparel Sites provided by hybris Commerce Accelerator

In my previous blog, Link to online references and a guide to setup your own local environment, I briefly introduced the Electronics Store. This is one of 4 preconfigured websites (not including another Cellular Phone website that is part of the Telcos package, more on that in a later blog) built into the hybris Commerce Accelerator. 770 more words


Powering Up

Here is the finished product hooked up to the TV.

And it works!

Here you can see my beautiful custom loading screen which I definitely did not put too much time into making. 37 more words



Now that I have all of the pieces ready it’s time to begin installation. I was originally planning on giving more details on how I fit things into the Dreamcast case but a couple of snags I ran into made the process a bit harder than I initially thought. 321 more words


Genymotion Fastest Android Emulator

Its always been hard to test apps on Android Emulator, people finds it difficult to test apps on Android emulators when compared to simulators on iPhone. 151 more words