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My bloody emulator crashed

(a poor end to a wonderful nerdy day)

With my friends playing through the first five hours of Persona 4, bouts of Mario Kart to break up the single-playering, and me booting up my emulated copy of Golden Sun, today promised to be a wonderful day. 340 more words

Things That I Like

Roundup: Retro Computers in Your Browser

There’s two things that keep me from expanding my collecting old computers: the cost and the space required to house them. I do have my old original TRS-80, and an old serial terminal (see the video below). 656 more words

Classic Hacks

How to get your emulators up and running (after you've installed them all and then, it refuses to start emulating)

Well, once I got my Visual Studio 2015 installed working, and I got busy developing applications, time had come to check how well I was progressing on my way to developing app glory. 396 more words

App Development

Windows 3.11 on iOS

Here is a quick tutorial on how to emulate Windows 3.11 on iOS. This should also work with any other DOS-based version of windows. To get emulation up and running, you will need jailbroken device. 174 more words

How To

Three Lessons Game Developers Can Learn From Emulators

Editor’s note: We published this article prematurely, but have now edited it extensively. Hope it wasn’t too jarring for yall.

Players Like Options

A large part of game design involves how the player interacts within the game, but many game developers fail to realize just how important giving players options is to the overall experience. 664 more words


Discussing: Introduced by Emulation

I wrote a review for Metroid after replaying it recently on my NES. This was the first time I had played through the game in five years or so, when I first got my NES copy. 488 more words

Video Games

Nostalgia overload: Commodore PET smartphone coming soon with V64 and Amiga emulators

Update: This article states that the upcoming Commodore PET smartphone is being made by Commodore. While this is true, it’s not the same corporation, nor is it under the same management, that created both the Commodore 64 and Amiga computer line. 388 more words