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MultiScribe 3.01c for Apple II ProDOS 8

Here is the MultiScribe program that became BeagleWrite. I didn’t have a MultiScribe Desk Accessory disk image so I just inserted the BeagleWrite Desk Accessory version and worked like a charm. 46 more words

Apple II Stuff

BeagleWrite for Apple II - ProDOS 8

BeagleWrite was formerly MultiScribe. I’m giving this version 3.3 a try out. I downloaded the zip file (see link below) and started playing with it here in Virtual II Emulator. 295 more words

Q68 Advance Notice

The long-awaited Q68 system, a 68000 compatible processor based development of the Sinclair QL has finally been announced. Designed by Peter Graf (designer of the Q40 and Q60 systems) and announced by Derek Stewart with anticipated availability of mid October 2017, the Q68 is supplied as a small 8x10cm circuit board. 148 more words

RamWorks8M from A2Heaven.com for Apple IIe

I bought this 8 MB RamWorks8M card from A2Heaven.com to max out the memory in my IIe. My IIe was using both a RamWorks 1 and an Apple 1 MB cards taking up the Aux Slot and another Slot. 249 more words

Bank Street Writer Plus - Printer Option Examples - Apple IIe

This is an extension of my Bank Street Writer Plus post of February 22, 2017. It focuses on experimenting with the printer setup controls and the respective outputs. 243 more words