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Emulators Vs Simulators? What's The Difference?

In computing, an emulator is hardware or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest). An emulator typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system. 546 more words


Consumer Watchdogs Warn Against Fake Nintendo Switch Emulators

As most of us know, the Nintendo Switch is so highly sought after right now, that the only reliable way to get one is to hunt one down on Amazon and pay a premium. 612 more words


Episode 2: Emulation Station


Topics on this week’s agenda:

EA Access and EA’s supposed niceness

Destiny 2’s trailer

Andromeda… again *sigh*

Battlefield, For Honor, Thimbleweek Park and Cities Skylines among others… 12 more words


New NES Classic Mod Allows You To Play N64, SNES, and More.

It seems that little tiny box has more potential than we thought. A new mod has been released for the NES Classic that will allow you to play N64 games, SNES, Mega Drive and much more. 87 more words


MouseDesk 2.0 for Apple II

This version, downloaded from Apple Users Group Sydney is surprisingly good. Here it is running in my Virtual II Emulator. I even ran a basic program by double clicking on the icon and after I quit it and received the basic prompt ] I typed “bye” and it took me back to the GUI interface. 225 more words

Wind Waker and Other GameCube Titles Run Exceptionally Well on Galaxy S8

Mobile graphics are growing at an exponential rate each year and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 aims to continue that trend.

What you’re seeing is real: footage of GameCube titles including Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Smash Bros. 83 more words


Microsoft Officially Bans Emulators From Windows Store

(Source: kotaku.com)

Microsoft has revised Windows Store policy to remove emulators. The new rules bar any applications that emulate preexisting game systems, resulting in the removal of a popular program that supported games from Nintendo and Sega consoles. 220 more words