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Gameboy: Super Mario Land 1

One of the greatest (and most accurate) video game emulators ever made is higan.¬† It’s always been one of my favorite emulators in Windows, and thankfully the Linux version is just as good (v907 download… 88 more words

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You Can Save Games in the MS-DOS Game Archive

Hoo boy. One of the reasons I didn’t get as wound up as most people about the tons of MS-DOS games The Internet Archive added and made available was because the games couldn’t be saved. 79 more words

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How do you get a feel for things? Perhaps a little research online, a review or two, maybe a referral from a friend or co-worker. But big purchases, such as a new car may require more; more information.  262 more words


Xbox 360 Emulator Alpha v 0.5

Download first Xbox 360 Emulator in early alpha version. Play in you favorites xbox 360 games on PC. This is early version and not all games work now, but on this version you can run most popular productions. 149 more words

Emulador De Xbox 360

My bloody emulator crashed

(a poor end to a wonderful nerdy day)

With my friends playing through the first five hours of Persona 4, bouts of Mario Kart to break up the single-playering, and me booting up my emulated copy of Golden Sun, today promised to be a wonderful day. 340 more words

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Roundup: Retro Computers in Your Browser

There’s two things that keep me from expanding my collecting old computers: the cost and the space required to house them. I do have my old original TRS-80, and an old serial terminal (see the video below). 656 more words

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How to get your emulators up and running (after you've installed them all and then, it refuses to start emulating)

Well, once I got my Visual Studio 2015 installed working, and I got busy developing applications, time had come to check how well I was progressing on my way to developing app glory. 396 more words

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