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CiderPress on macOS 10.nn via Wine

I’ve been a long time user of CiderPress for Windows to manage images for my Apple II computers. But, it required me to run Parallels for macOS. 69 more words

uQLx and TCP/IP documentation

I’ve created a new page in the Documents part of my website, dedicated to information about the TCP/IP access included with emulators such as QPC2, uQLx, SMSQmulator and QemuLator. 296 more words

Double-Take | Beagle Brothers | 

Was recently looking at some of the Beagle Brothers tools and noted Double-Take. It has 2-way scroll. Nice for program listings and catalog pause and up down scrolling, among many other tools. 66 more words

Virtual ][e - Expand that Ram to 8MB + TimeOut Accessories 

Memory upped to 2.205 MB

TimeOut Accessories from Beagle Brothers: select screen printer : mark and print.

Snap of PrintOut 8 more words

Bank Street Writer for Apple II (5 versions)

I downloaded all these from Asimov Archive site and I’ve been playing with each in Apple IIe Virtual ][ Emulator and on my IIGS. Bank Street Writer – Bank Street Writer llc – Bank Street Writer lll – Bank Street Writer Plus. 84 more words

uQLx 2017

A newly revised version of the Linux QL emulator uQLx (uQLx 2017) is now available.

Graeme Gregory has “brutalised” (as he puts it on github) the sources to bring them up to date. 106 more words