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GEOCalc on OmniDisk on Virtual ][ Apple IIe Emulator

GEOCalc is quite fluid in the Emulator at 2x or 3x speed. It must have been terribly slow at 1 MHz with disk drive access too. 14 more words

Real Devices Vs Emulators

To verify mobile applications and programs, testers can use both real devices and emulators. The product testing process on real devices shows the actual behavior of the application used by end users. 547 more words


Arealer X9 Android 6.0 TV Box!

By now everyone knows about the hacked Amazon Fire Sticks. You have seen them being sold on Facebook and other social media sites for more than what the regular stick costs. 478 more words


GEOS as OmniDisk on Virtual ][ Apple IIe Emulator

The Virtual ][ with GEOS on OmniDisk.

The second image is the GEOWrite application.

The third image is GEOS Desktop.

The Downfall Of Pokémon Prism.

If you have been in the know of Pokémon and or anything emulation you have probably heard of the official cancellation of the rom hack Pokémon Prism. 615 more words


About the usefulness and difficulties of emulators

You probably heard of a concept called “emulation” if you read this blog often.  I even mentioned it several times when I was talking about glitch hunting or even just being able to see more in-depth what the game is doing.  4,627 more words

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