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This emulator lets you run classic Macintosh OS in your browser

”While you can always cop an old Macintosh off of Craiglist, there might be an even easier way to quench your nostalgia for 1980’s Apple antiques,” Mix writes for TNW. 125 more words


Gameboy Advance Emulator is Coming to Xbox One

One of the best Gameboy emulators seems to be making its way to the Xbox One for free.

VBA10 is a Windows 10 Gameboy emulator that’s capable of playing all your gameboy games include Advance. 122 more words


Dolphin 5.0

These days as computers get better and more and better technology is created more and more emulators spawn as well. We have seen android emulators to play GBA, GBC and other older generation devices. 238 more words

Video Games

Список эмуляторов роутеров фирмы TP-Link

Wi-Fi маршрутизатори TP-Link – Емулятори

AC1900 Бездротовий двохдіапазонний гігабітний маршрутизатор Archer C9

Archer C9 V1
Archer C9 V2
Archer C9 V3

AC3200 Бездротовий трьохдіапазонний гігабітний маршрутизатор Archer C3200… 566 more words


Developer runs Windows 95 on his Apple Watch

”What are you, nuts?” Nick Lee writes for Tendigi Insights via Medium. “Pretty much. I was born in the nineties, and the first personal computer my family bought (a $3000 screamer with a 300 MHz Pentium II, 256 MB of RAM, and the optional Boston Acoustics speaker system) ran Windows 95.” 142 more words


Code4Lib: How to Party Like it’s 1999: Emulation for Everyone

Great stuff from Code4Lib: How to Party Like it’s 1999: Emulation for Everyone. “Emulated access of complex media has long been discussed, but there are very few instances in which complex, interactive, born-digital emulations are available to researchers. 60 more words

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