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N64 Emulator Out Now on Xbox One

Similar to the Gameboy Advance emulator, Microsoft has just approved a N64 emulator capable of, you guessed it, playing N64 games on your Xbox One. 231 more words


Someone Actually Built A Tiny NES System Inside An Old NES Cartridge In The Most Meta Mod Ever

The tiny, affordable computer the Raspberry Pi has been used to do a lot of pretty cool things over the years, everything from recreating a… 280 more words

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Dolphin Emulator Can Now Fully Boot All GameCube Games

For the longest time Star Wars Clone Wars was the only game to receive a 1 star rating for Dolphin Emulator compatibility. The recent version  5.0-540 has completely eliminated this issue meaning that all Gamecube games can boot on Dolphin. 79 more words


Internet Archive Software Emulators: Now With Amiga

Hey! The Internet Archive’s software emulation now apparently includes Amiga! There are already over 1000 items in the collection – looks like mostly (but not exclusively) games.

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This emulator lets you run classic Macintosh OS in your browser

”While you can always cop an old Macintosh off of Craiglist, there might be an even easier way to quench your nostalgia for 1980’s Apple antiques,” Mix writes for TNW. 125 more words


Gameboy Advance Emulator is Coming to Xbox One

One of the best Gameboy emulators seems to be making its way to the Xbox One for free.

VBA10 is a Windows 10 Gameboy emulator that’s capable of playing all your gameboy games include Advance. 122 more words