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Sydney Diaries: Babylon Zoo

The day was finally here. We had wanted to go to Taronga Zoo ever since we arrived but when you live in Sydney you need to keep things back for when visitors arrive – otherwise every new visit feels like Groundhog Day (‘Opera House Tour: Again!!) 558 more words


So emus are weird innit

I’ve been lying in bed for a few hours watching emu/ostrich vids and (what with just watching Jurassic World in the cinema and all) thinking, “How can anyone possibly deny the existence of dinosaurs when looking at birds?”. 1,375 more words


Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Emus of War

In 1932 the emu population of Australia was getting out of control. With more than 20,000 of the massive birds running loose, they were destroying crops and making a general nuisance of themselves. 193 more words


Book review: Emu


Emu by Claire Saxby, ill. Graham Byrne, Walker Books Australia, ISBN 9781922179708

The book Emu is a great book, it is a story about an emu and its eggs and some great information about emus e.g. 198 more words

Book Reviews

LIX: The Birds

Australia has a lengthy and notable military history. Over the years, the island nation has gone to war with New Zealand, Sudan, South Africa, China, Somalia, East Timor, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and been involved in both World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Russian Civil War, and a variety of regional conflicts and peacekeeping missions, the majority of which ended positively on the Australian side. 602 more words

Day 92

Monday 1st June

We had a day out at the Natureworld in Bicheno, they are doing a wonderful job of saving the Tasmanian Devil, as they run a breeding program and release them to where they will be safe from the Cancer Facial Tumors. 121 more words




It’s been a busy week on the Blog with Fashion Features, original healthy recipes (have you tried my MIRACLE MERINGUE YET?) concocted by Moi & I’ve also been a bit of a Social Butterfly this week too! 1,055 more words