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Family and Kangaroos and Christmas and Cockatoos - a little bit about Canberra.

15 Dec 2014 – 20 Feb 2015.

Don, my sister Julie, and I are walking in Weston Park. It’s a sunny day, our first day in Canberra. 1,628 more words



Forgot to mention, we have little emus…and they are much more adorable than the grown-up emus. Their daddy is very vigilant, making sure that his chicks find their way to the very best grubs and carrion leftovers. 78 more words

The Great Emu War

I don’t know about you, but the Australian history I learned in school never went much beyond “penal colony”. As your tour guide to this continent, I want to educate you on some lesser-known historical events. 416 more words

Aboriginal Dancing Emus

£75 + P&P

This is an original Australian Aboriginal-style pink, blue and yellow painting, featuring two emus. It was made with acrylic paint on a 50×40 cm stretched canvas. 26 more words


Wwoofing (no I don't mean like a dog)

We are well into 2015 now and I started the new year in Bunbury (not the most exciting place to be) before jumping on a coach to Albany where my Wwoofing adventure began. 1,293 more words


I am winding up my stay at my friend’s ranch in Goliad. They used to raise emus, but the emu market went bust, and the last of their breeding pairs died a few years ago. 915 more words