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The 33 Most Wonderfully Australian Things That Have Ever Happened

Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda. Wholl come a-waltzing Matilda with me? 1. This weekly shop.
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Via imgur.com 2. This May the 4th speed-check. 17 more words

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Hackberry Trees

Hackberry trees. Ugh. When Fall comes their leaves don’t turn beautiful colors and enliven the world with their airy delicacy like maple trees. They turn slightly pale, then they turn black and fall off in a sticky lump. 320 more words

Science Fiction


This is Tina

Tina is special

Tina has a boyfriend. He is not an alpaca.

He is a pig and his name is Brunden, it’s an odd relationship.   977 more words




Fuck you
Said the Emu
Though of course
I couldn’t be sure
It was an Emu at all,
Never having seen a live one before; 92 more words


Chapter 7 Is Ready!

I hate the coffee here.

I’m sitting here in The Sheldon Brothers Coffee Shop, staring at yet another cup of coffee that I won’t finish. Their coffee tastes like dried grass clippings in boiled water. 289 more words

Science Fiction

Back On My Feet

Okay, so I wasn’t wheelchair-bound; but it is really good to get out again! The knee seems to have eased up, and my shoulder and elbow are out of the slings – although Zoya says I’m not allowed to fall for a few weeks. 383 more words

Science Fiction

Roos And Emus, Oh MY!!

These guys hang out at Victoria’s (Australia) Wild Action Zoo.

Emu Chicks Edi and Eli are just a few days old- and here they are with buddy Reuben The Kangaroo. 63 more words