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Dogs, Emus and Daleks

On Saturday 8th April, there was a tribute music festival to a local singer who died recently and, whom I am ashamed to say, I never heard of. 647 more words

House, Garden And Dogs

Bring Me A Margarita

It’s faarrkin hot.

Would it be weird if I had no feathers?

It would be wouldn’t it?

I’d look like a flamingo

I hate those bastards… 25 more words


Flightless Bird Emu - Facts and Video

 “When you are curious you find lots of interesting things to do. – Walt Disney”

 Since I am curious to know more and after learning much about… 825 more words


The Great Emu War

The Great Emu War was a military operation taking place in 1932 in Western Australia, dozens of local farming communities, already suffering the hardships of worldwide economic depression, had come under attack by ravenous hoards of flightless invaders, who were hell bent on property damage, destruction and mayhem. 1,069 more words

The 10 New Year's Resolutions Nobody Else is Doing

Over time, things change to become what they are. A stream becomes a river, becomes a canyon, and so on.

But change doesn’t happen without intentional effort. 405 more words

This Week in History: The Great Emu War Ends, Emus Win

In this week in history, Australia admitted defeat in its war with thousands of large, flightless birds.

Imagine an army, 20,000 strong, that can run at 30 mph – significantly faster than Usain Bolt – take up to five bullets before being felled and tear down metal fencing with just their legs. 258 more words


Healesville Sanctuary photos

A sample of australian animals. Photos shot at the Healesville Sanctuary outside Melbourne during our friend Billie´s great 2nd birthday party! Thanks to Dale and Chrissy for the lift, lots of fun and good food. 52 more words