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The cutest emu ever

I often find that my best watercolour paintings and watercolour drawings are the ones I do  not expect to be great pieces of art. There is a lot to be said for detachment when painting … I am more likely to play with bright colours, try new techniques, and be more open and loose when I allow myself to enjoy the process and not be fixed on the outcome. 54 more words


PjPaintings at Salamanca Market December 2, 2017

The state of Victoria is getting a lot of rain this weekend, with some areas predicted to get up to 300mm of rain in three days. 752 more words


Crossing the Finish Line

Day 28 & 29

For Day 28 and 29, I used some artistic license and drew a nest on an emu’s head.  In the emus’ world, the nest is made on the ground and consists of mainly grass.  363 more words


A Maize Maze

The sign told me, in no uncertain terms, to “get lost!”

Normally, an order like that would tick me off a little (or a lot). But in this instance, I grinned and thought, … 930 more words

Vancouver Island

The Emu War of Australia

On November 2nd 1932, Australia declared war… On Emus! Just after the first world war, a lot of ex-soldiers and British veterans took up farming within Western Australia. 760 more words


New research reveals the origin of Australia’s extinct flightless giants, the mihirung birds

A pair of Dromornis planei, an extinct mihirung bird from Australia, weighed a massive 300 kilograms. Brian Choo, Author provided

Trevor H. Worthy, … 1,090 more words


North Moolooloo Golf Classic Trek...

Over the last week I’ve been on a much needed holiday.  Stressed and burnt out from work I was eagerly looking forward to my first trip to the Northern Flinders Ranges.  1,368 more words