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World Diabetes Day... not the one I imagined!

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I was thinking of writting a post about Diabetes Day or my trip to Amsterdam, but something happenned in my country and nothing else matters to me right now. 315 more words


My 20th Diaversary !

November 5th 1995 is the exact day I was diagnossed with type one diabetes. Today it has been 20 years that I live with this disease. 384 more words


My Type 1 Life _ Part 3

Last week : It is not because we don’t complain that it is easy to cope with.

November is the world diabetes awaress month. This is why, this week I choose to talk to you about being Type 1 diabetic while being sick. 484 more words


[Pump log #1]

Hello everyone, today let’s talk about the two different ways someone with type 1 can give oneself insulin:

  • Injections with needles/insulin pens,
  • Injections through a…
  • 439 more words

My Type 1 Life _ Part 2

Last week: So yep, here it is. I am 25 years old and in a month it will be 20 years that I have insulin-dependent diabetes. 570 more words


today, 10/19/15, 1st post

things to-do:

  1. bisyonaryo trading – vision, mission, etc.
  2. categories of a site
  3. layout?
  4. contacts?
  5. logo – ask help of aben perez
  6. read materials on  web design

My Type 1 Life _ Part 1

Hello everyone, after a long time away, I decided to change something about this blog. I want to talk real about my life. I wrote “talk real” because I never liked to show off or pretend I’m the best when obviously I am not! 535 more words