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Virgin 70.3 at Sungailiat, Bangka


I remembered what my mentor in Triathlon community I joined told me during our run-date few months back when I asked him whether I will be able to endure long distance Triathlon in Sungailiat, Bangka this April. 2,084 more words

Life Lesson

Getting Started (Your Finances under Your Control)

Before we start with the practicality of our approach to Financial Optimisation, we should take a moment and find what motivates our change of mindset… 508 more words


Last call for take off to the Python 3 wonderland

We are approaching the Zope 2 Resurrection Sprint and hope that all those who are willing to help earl Zope II on his endeavor to port his realm have already prepared there horses and packed the necessary equipment to arrive in Halle (Saale), Germany. 310 more words


the rhythm of success

What’s the secret of success ?

How would you define it ? 186 more words


Scott Baio clarifies Erin Moran comments: 'Please stop assuming the worst in me'

Scott Baio is speaking out after a backlash sparked from his recent comments about Erin Moran, his Joanie Loves Chachi costar who died Saturday at the age of 56. 484 more words


Scott Baio on 'Happy Days' costar Erin Moran: 'God has you now'

This story originally appeared on PEOPLE.com

Scott Baio has joined other actors in remembering Erin Moran, with whom he costarred on both Happy Days and  472 more words


The answer is quite simple: they are everywhere. Despite they are very different accessories, physically and conceptually talking, both of them were created with the aim of shaking up the fashion market and became the trendiest backpack and handbag of the moment… 639 more words