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in the picture below, one can see clearly, how the King James Version has influenced how we think of a simple cup. i hope i get some time to finish the thought of the conceptual and structural metaphor here.


Legacy of Erasmus - Croatia

The importance of the work of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam rests for the most part in opening eyes, in shedding light where darkness resided. He taught that there was more than we are told, he inspired people to doubt the generally accepted ‘truths’, thus leading them to critical thinking and breaking the walls obscuring their minds. 845 more words


Influencers’ phenomenon nowadays goes beyond the power of prescription and influence in the habits of consuption or to generate opinions and reactions that can elevate or sink brands overnight. 637 more words


Interview with Fiona, a professional golf teacher in New York City

Hello Fiona, you have been a professional golf player for more than 5 years and you are offering golf lessons in French on My Tutor Speaks French. 790 more words


Stay on top and even improve your French this summer, yes it is possible!

As you may be looking forward more free time to spend with your family and friends this summer, you may also wonder how to unwind without forgetting too much of the French you have learnt… 367 more words


Our tips to help your kids stay on top with French language arts during the summer

Summer vacations are about to start, meaning 2 months to enjoy travels, quality time with family and friends, ant to make unforgettable memories. But can they have so much fun without forgetting how to speak French? 563 more words