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A castle that vanishes at the first gust of wind is worthless. A skyscraper within your mind will never fall down.

Altough it looks strong, basically the castle is a static building, walled and fenced, resistent to outsider, and usually only used for survival in war. 48 more words


words that do not help

probably someone has written about this somewhere, but I do not want to research or Google or whatever.

when I hurt, there are words that are the reverse of helping and encouragement. 291 more words


The Humanity

Life is to live, not just to live. Humanity and civilization always win only when it goes ahead in the certainty of destruction. We are all human beings, living on the very same earth. 27 more words


The Hectic Era

Every one of us, should have the healthy mind just like the stack container. Point of view, conversation, issue, and everything in life is just an addition to the stack. 68 more words