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Hey there!

Over the next several weeks I’ll be diving into the community to visit and review some of Bemidji’s most popular places! Check back often to see where I’ve been!


Wikis Week 1 reflection

Well hey, I’m actually doing an assignment on time! Whatdoyaknow? I’m just as surprised as you all are. Anyways, I kinda like the wikis. I had fun playing around and reading what everyone else wrote on their pages. 173 more words


Working with Wikis - Reflection

This past week, our class has taken somewhat of a break from our blogs, and has been working with Wikis. Our assignment was to become familiar with the Wiki and start three new pages. 178 more words



Well, I think it’s safe to say that I am sufficiently frustrated with wikis, and this week. I completed all of the reading and played around on the sample sites. 99 more words


Wiki Wiki What?

You have probably heardĀ of Wikipedia before (and have been warned not to cite it in academic papers), but what exactly is a “Wiki”?

– The Wiki is “ 646 more words


Wiki Notes

Notes from links about Wikis

  • Widely disputed definition of Wikis, important characteristics include the ability to edit content as well as consume it, a simplified version of hypertext, and near constant revision ad infinitum.
  • 104 more words

Blogs as narratives Pt 1.

After reading the chapter on blogs as narratives I feel like it would be incredibly interesting to participate unknowingly in a completely made up person’s life. 188 more words