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TEDxTampaRiverwalk 2015 - A Look Back: Laird Popkin, of eNABLE

3D printers are a ubiquitous part of society now, in libraries and makerspaces, in private homes and businesses. eNABLE provides a way to utilize 3D printing technology for more than making tchotchkes – an army of volunteers with 3D printers can build inexpensive but very viable and useful prosthetic hands for children! 49 more words


Enable your creativity and beat your inner critic

A common barrier to creativity is fear of criticism. It can restrict and stifle us. When we feel like this its extremely difficult to write or want to write. 131 more words


Why do social innovations matter?

Our last blog spoke about social innovations and how they have the potential to benefit our country. This blog will take a step further and discuss why social innovations matter. 477 more words