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In which I trim my own bonnet.

Those of you who’ve met me will know I like hats, because it’s kind of obvious. I’ve always been this way. When my mum was marrying my stepdad she asked what I wanted to wear, and I said I wanted to go as a gangster, so she bought me a suit, tie ( pink, to go with the grooms outfit) and a proper trilby, which I refused to take off for over a month, I even wore it in the bath. 609 more words



enamel or enameling is the art that has about a five-thousand-year history and is considered artwork. Today, this art is mostly done on copper, but it can also be performed on gold and silver. 242 more words

Awesome Awls

Here are a few of the things you can do with an awl: punch holes in signatures, check the depth of etching on a piece of metal, push eyelets into tight holes, dig small items out of tight spaces, precisely scratch off resists, sgraffito in enamels, untie knots in threads, push “reset” buttons on small electronics, clean out a seam before soldering, scratch words and designs into polymer clay and PMC, point during demonstrations, poke holes in leather, hold jump rings in place while making chain maille. 24 more words


My "Disrespect" Fantasy and the Mystery of Life

Love: If a girl entered my life right now it would be a disaster because I’ve finally got everything “just right”. So, it’s not going to happen. 508 more words

J-Lo Halo