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Katx Spxdx, unsymmetrical design necklace and ear studs. USD$13up. free worldwide shipping. 8166 FX

出至From Katx Spxdx
gold plated metal with enamel coating
unsymmetrical  design  necklace and ear studs
琺瑯釉工藝鑲嵌水晶鑽 眼睛款 百搭 不對稱耳釘 項鏈
necklace:43.5-48cm long

♥Price of ear studs: USD$13… 18 more words


Kate Spxdx, snail necklace and ear studs. USD$16up. free worldwide shipping. 8164 FX

出至 From Kate Spxdx
enamel crystal diamond emedded
environmental friendly alloy with gold-plated brass metal
green snail  necklace and ear studs
琺瑯釉工藝鑲嵌水晶鑽 綠色 可愛蝸牛 耳釘 項鏈 25 more words


Les Nexxides, 18K-gold plated, Eiffel Tower, necklace. USD$78. free world wide shipping. 8161 TX

出至 From Les Nerexxes
18K-gold plated   enamel   resin   Eiffel Tower
鍍18K真金琺瑯釉面銅質 埃菲爾鐵塔  頸鏈
Pendant: 5.5*3.5cm

♥Price USD$78

Enquiry and order: +852-61886577 Alex Chau / Email~doris.yiu@pillarich.com

No. 8161   TX 555120


Painting 19 - Overpass, 2009.


Oil, gouache and enamel on patenated copper. 20.5 x 15.5 cm, 2009.