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Good news about Enbrel

Enbrel is definitely working. I can’t believe it. My rheumatologist performed another ultrasound on my hands two days ago and said it was the best so far. 263 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis explained (a little) 

I saw this on Facebook and it made me laugh. It’s not even that funny, but I just thought it summed up everything nicely.

I have arthritis and most of you will think of old people who creak when they move but in reality it can affect everyone and anyone. 954 more words


Hallelujah Humira

Went and saw my rheumatologist today and was greeted with good news: the MRI I got last week showed no new inflammation or corrosion of my joints! 523 more words

Biologics - the basics

For me, biologics were the third medicine I tried for my RA (after methotrexate and sulfalazine).  I’ve tried Humira, Enbrel, and (currently) Remicade.  Biologics is a general term for a class of pharmaceuticals that are either from living organisms or at least partially synthesized from biological processes.   130 more words


I'm Back.....

I have been in between medications now for almost 6 months.  It was a nice run but its over. I am waiting on insurance approval for my last chance medication.  91 more words

You should see the other guy

“Oh! What happened to your wrist?” My coworkers, upon seeing my brace.
Me- “What, this? Nothing. You should see the other guy.”
Sometimes they even believe me. 375 more words

State Lawmakers Weigh Issue Of 'Biosimilars' -- New, Life-Saving Drugs

DENVER (CBS4) – Much cheaper, life-saving drugs could become available this year. They are called biosimilars and are copycat versions of drugs for diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer and psoriasis. 306 more words