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I spy with my little eye...

Since our first visit with the Pediatric Rheumatologist, Sophie has gone to see the Ophthalmologist every 3 months to check on her Beautiful Eyes and… 575 more words

JA Journey

Milestones and Speed Bumps

It is amazing how quickly life moves along, especially when things are going so well.  Nothing every really seems to slow down, we just add more to our plates and keep moving forward.   720 more words

JA Journey

A Spoonful of Sugar

We continue on our journey to get Sophie’s JA under control.  At her last appointment at the beginning of November we received the direction and prescription for the next level of medication, Enbrel.   389 more words

JA Journey

Biologics and Biosimilars Bits and Bytes – November 30, 2015

As our BRIC Wall readers are aware, biologics and biosimilars are becoming more newsworthy and noteworthy around the world. To help our readers stay current, we are introducing a new feature – Biologics and Biosimilars Bits and Bytes – to provide periodic updates on the most significant developments. 549 more words

What a shitty summer and fall

So, Monday May 25th wasn’t a good day. I was diagnosed with vasculitis, and immediately hospitalised. In a state of shock, as I’ve never had to stay in hospital before. 662 more words

Life In The Arctic North

Weighing the risks and side effects

It is not an easy task to say the least. The worst thing a parent will ever have to do is read medication risks and side effects and try to understand enough in order to weigh the benefits and risks, all while hoping that the desired benefits outweigh the ugly risks.   861 more words

JA Journey

Fabulous Friday: Loving What Is

I’ll admit I stole the title from Byron Katie’s book of the same name, but I’m sure it has something to do with flattery.

Or something. 479 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis