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Day Twelve

Today was a bit different than the days before. I had green tea this morning with iceberg salad and homestyle ranch dressing. Boy I am really getting tired of salad. 135 more words


Day Eleven

I started the day with green tea instead of coffee. My family is eating fried eggs and rice for breakfast and my tummy is turning! Oh how I miss rice… I had a pink lady apple and two cups of iceberg salad with a tablespoon of homestyle ranch for breakfast… again! 295 more words


Day Ten

It’s a pretty dull day today. The weather has completely shifted from sun to rain and clouds by the drop of a dime. I started the day with my one cup of coffee with one-third of unsweetened almond milk as a creamer alternative and two tablespoons of agave nectar as a sugar alternative. 123 more words


Day Nine

You know how I said that I cheated and had a Starbucks yesterday? Yeah, I think I’m having a flare-up and my patches are pissed off. 117 more words


Day Eight

I decided to track my progress of healing my psoriasis with clean eating. So far I am currently on day eight. I have not had rice or chicken since I started. 109 more words


Poison or Treatments?? You Decide

The “medication collage” above is just a sampling of the many medications prescribed to me over 37 years of illness.

Let’s see, I left out the gold injections, the multiple pain medications, the anti-inflammatories, the antidepressants, the thyroid medication, sleep medications and anxiety meds. 185 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Love/hate relationship with medicine

Once a week, I am given an injection of medicine to control my inflammation. This medicine is similar to the methotrexate I blogged about earlier but this is an injection version and it is highly recommended, for many thisĀ is the last resort. 256 more words