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12/21/2012 - I started Enbrel

So I started a new medication this week. (Normally I’d call it a dr*g but… spambots and such. Also, it’s totally licit!) Thus begins a new adventure in my life called Enbrel. 271 more words

Chronic Illness

Inflammation and Alzheimer's

Inflammation is a biological response to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants.  It is a protective mechanism and as a generic or innate response it doesn’t react to specific threats, but treats them all the same.  1,124 more words


Short update

I emailed my biologic nurse about the rash I’m getting from the Enbrel, and she said as long as it stays around the injection sight it is common to have it happen for a time and my body would eventually get used to it and not react anymore. 140 more words

Enbrel Update

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and had some low pain days. Mr. CrankyPants and I have had a great holiday. We had no obligations to be anywhere which is nice. 476 more words

Ticked off

Since I’ve started Enbrel I’m required to see a Rheumie once every three months. That I knew. What I didn’t realize is that they call me and tell me when my appointment is. 473 more words

I Did It!

I gave myself my first Enbrel shot this evening and there was nothing to it. I felt it a bit but not enough to make me worry about the next time. 166 more words

Starting Enbrel

I think I’ll be starting my Enbrel injections on Friday and I’m more scared then I thought. I’ve just had so many bad experiences with the meds I’m not wanting more. 438 more words