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The Richest City in The World

In the 1600’s when Spain was exploiting all the riches of the New World which had been “discovered” and claimed by guys like Columbus, Pizarro, and Balboa, the gold from Panama, Peru and elsewhere was shipped to Panama City, then known as “The Richest City in ThE World.” 879 more words


Encarnacion, Ciudad del Este and Itaipu Dam

Our five hour bus ride from Asuncion arrived into Ciudad del Este sometime in the evening, JP and I made our way over to a hostel we’d discovered back in Asuncion, a place called Teko Arte Hostel. 642 more words


The Forgotten Country- Paraguay


Possibly on of the most beautiful cites I have visited. I say ‘city’ because that is what the locals call the settlement but with a population of around 100,000 it would barely register as a town in many countries. 2,128 more words

Budget Travel

An aerial view of the Iguazu Falls is seen in the Argentina

An aerial view of the Iguazu Falls is seen in the Argentinian northwest province of Misiones, Argentina.


19th Century Gold Ingot Seized In Argentina

A 19th Century gold ingot, believed to be worth more than $2m, has been seized by Argentine authorities from two Paraguayan men reportedly crossing the border with the gold. 160 more words


Into Paraguay

“Don’t go to Paraguay. Paraguay is boring.” Nothing to do in Paraguay…”.

There is a negative perception on Paraguay throughout South America. Even from locals and hostel workers wo always question why Paraguay? 688 more words


巴拉圭碎碎唸 | Paraguay in short

. 很熱
. 因為很熱, 所以這裡的人獨愛凍mate茶, 叫它terere, 平常也帶個大水壺出街, 好放水放冰泡茶喝 (mate茶是智利, 阿根廷, 烏拉圭, 南巴西原住民的傳統飲品, 但除了巴拉圭, 其他地方的人只喝熱的)
. 人很友善又樂於助人, 只是有時有點怕生
. 沒有上高山, 落油鑊的旅遊勝地, 所以遊客很少
. 平價旅館比backpacker便宜, 只要you are not a 窿 124 more words