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The Elven Enchanter/Enchantress Soul Type

Elven Enchanter

This is a sub group of the Elven Wizard. An Elven Enchanter is one who uses magic and enchanting to bring forth a reality they wish to see. 279 more words

Kickstarter Avgust 9: Enchanters, Gameception, Materia...


Čarobnjaci, princeze neveste, alhemičarski remi kao i igra u okviru igre dok igrate igru. A sve to dok Zemlja ne eksplodira!

Ovo je izbor kampanja za društvene igre koje se do sada nisu pojavile na ovoj listi, koje su dostigle ili su blizu cilja za finansiranje ili imaju preko hiljadu sponzora. 233 more words


The Crown's Fate by Evelyn Skye

fantastic sequel that was just as epic as its debut!!!

“When two imperfect people come together, they make a perfect whole…”

“Nothing is more remote than yesterday, nothing is closer than tomorrow..” 230 more words


TBR - Enchanters by K.F. Bradshaw

The people of Damea are no strangers to magic. They have wielded it for years – woven it into their societies and everyday lives. It is a part of them, it breathes with them.

76 more words

The Crown's Game

Although magic is nearly non-existent in the world, it still exist. A handful of individuals have the ability to manipulate it as they will, and they are known as enchanters. 393 more words

Book Review

enchanters review

enchanters by k.f. bradshaw (enchanters, book 1)

overall rating: 4.1/5

characters: 4.5

relationships: 4.5

plot: 4

world-building: 4

writing: 3.5

genre: YA, fantasy

synopsis: The people of Damea are no strangers to magic. 432 more words


Hypnosis: A Tool of Satan

(Source: Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs)

The late Dave Hunt author of The Cult Explosion and researcher in the area of the occult as well as the cults, says: 326 more words