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TBR - Enchanters by K.F. Bradshaw

The people of Damea are no strangers to magic. They have wielded it for years – woven it into their societies and everyday lives. It is a part of them, it breathes with them.

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The Crown's Game

Although magic is nearly non-existent in the world, it still exist. A handful of individuals have the ability to manipulate it as they will, and they are known as enchanters. 393 more words

Book Review

enchanters review

enchanters by k.f. bradshaw (enchanters, book 1)

overall rating: 4.1/5

characters: 4.5

relationships: 4.5

plot: 4

world-building: 4

writing: 3.5

genre: YA, fantasy

synopsis: The people of Damea are no strangers to magic. 432 more words


Hypnosis: A Tool of Satan

(Source: Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs)

The late Dave Hunt author of The Cult Explosion and researcher in the area of the occult as well as the cults, says: 326 more words

"Wrath" & "Tredan's Bane", by Lita Burke - a double review

ebook: 17 pages

Published December 13th 2011


Wrath is the very, very short prequel to Tredan’s Bane, by Lita Burke. Similar to a prologue, but much more involved, it introduces the reader to Ms.

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Understanding Magic

Part Two: Types and Names of Magic-Users

To sum up what was covered in part one, magic is something very real, very meaningful, and it is used in different ways. 760 more words

Sojourners In Shadow