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Wild As A Meadow

She is

As wild as a meadow

Of rare and colorful wildflowers


Blooming unencumbered

Spreading her petals

To enjoy the warm caress

Of the sun… 60 more words

My Writing

Isla de la Plata (aka Poor Man's Galapagos)

We trekked to Isla de la Plata yesterday…we took a boat with about 12 other people (some who spoke English) and flew across the water for about 2 hours each way.   728 more words


Mitad del Mundo Photos

Here’s everything we saw…Well, not everything…


Mitad del Mundo

Yesterday before we boarded our plane for the coast , we stopped by the Middle of the World (Mitad del Mundo).  The monument that marks Mitad del Mundo isn’t actually on the equator; when it was erected they didn’t plan very well or calculate the exact spot so the famous monument isn’t at the middle of the world.   1,385 more words


Telefériqo Photos

Sorry they’re not in any particular order…But I hope you find them as entrancing as I do!


Is It Even Possible To Go Any Higher???

We traveled even higher than I thought possible today; we went to the top of a mountain the Ecuadorians call Telefériqo.

We drove up as far as we could then had to walk up an… 460 more words