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Enchantment and Disenchantment

I watched “Leaving Neverland” soon after it came out last winter and came away perplexed. All over the Internet, there had been articles about how overwhelming it was for people to come to terms with what appeared to be irrefutable testimony to Michael Jackson’s guilt as a child molester. 789 more words

Biweekly Item-Stone of Gazelem

Stone of Gazelem
Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement)

As an action, you can hold the stone above your head to shed bright light to 60 feet and dim light to 120 feet for 1 minute. 126 more words



I keep dreaming about Tangier.  Vivid, happy dreams.

Paul Bowles wrote that the best thing about Tangier is “the feeling it gives of being in a pocket of suspended time and animation.”  And Truman Capote found Tangier a “basin that holds you, a timeless place . 39 more words


Friday Reading Rainbow

Magic, Mystery, and Enchantment

You know when you find a novel that just fills your heart and your head at the same time, so much so that you’re thinking about the mysteries it holds even when you’re not reading it? 816 more words


the duration of

the duration of
enchantment for shiny,
new things cannot
easily be
calculated – yes,
there is a
shelf-life, undoubtedly,
but the expiration
date is intentionally… 23 more words


Biweekly Item-Hopper's Bow

Hopper’s Bow
Weapon (Longbow), Legendary (requires attunement)

You may speak the command word as a bonus action before loosing an arrow from this bow. If you do, where the arrow strikes a portal opens with a corresponding portal directly in front of you. 59 more words


Finding Repetition’s Vertical Enchantments Hidden Within Linear Composing

Most of the time when I’m producing music I approach it in terms of a through-composed journey through time—a getting from one place to another. The clearest example of such a journey is a free improvisation, say at the piano, which I do a lot. 713 more words