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Introducing: Enclosure H - Welcoming a new member to the Göbekli Tepe-family.

The most notable feature of Göbekli Tepe are, of course, the monumental circular enclosures formed of T-shaped pillars dating back to the 10th millennium BC. The first of these structures were discovered early druring excavations from 1995 onwards in the mound’s southwestern depression which meanwhile became known as ‘main excavation area’. 1,076 more words

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Practical Enclosure Design, Optimized for 3D Printing

have shared a handy guide on designing practical and 3D printing-friendly enclosures. The guide walks through the design of a two shell, two button remote control enclosure. 223 more words

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A Stairway to the Circle of Boars

During the autumn excavation season in 2012 an interesting detail could be added to the PPN A monumental architecture at Göbekli Tepe.

Among the enclosures in the so-called main excavation area, Enclosure C stands out in particular due to several concentric, interleaved walls forming the characteristic circles of T-shaped pillars.  417 more words

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There is an old printer and it's printing hot behind the clear door

A few weeks ago I went to the local Michaels framing counter and ordered 2 pieces of perspex cut to size.
This was going to be the front and left side door/window. 246 more words

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Little Trip in METU

Our instructors take us to experience the campus of the Middle East Technical University. We were expected to see, analyze and document the hinges and spatial relations. 212 more words


Work in Progress

Modest Crit for me – showing just 3 new pieces – these are definitely work in progress – developing the theme of ‘New/old Borders’

PIECE 1:  238 more words

Work In Progress

Barley-Meal Pancakes

Barley Meal palatable Pancakes; how to make them for a Yeoman’s, a Farmer’s or a poor Man’s family

  • 3 Apples
  • 2 cups Barley Grits (You can buy these from…
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