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Remarks on Capital, Women's Liberation, and Deicide

By John Monroe

In particular, Marx neglects the role of the witch-hunts, which was a major war on women where hundreds of thousands of women were arrested, tortured, killed, burned on village squares.

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ARCH102: AnAlice's Adventures in Kayaköy + threshold | process

     In this assignment, we were expected to bring together and inter-relating the Instance and the Field. In this process, we make use of the concept of… 267 more words


The Value of Exploitation

At the core of our societal structures, economic and political systems is exploitation.

Exploitation creates value in the most simplistic way by imposing a basic deficit model – I have, you do not.

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The Enclosure of the Web

It’s been a dark time in Australia when it comes to our lives in digital spaces. Both sides of government voted to instate draconian, opaque and dangerous new legislation to increase surveillance. 878 more words


Enclosure, Reversal, Restoration

(An earlier version of this post came out in Common Rhetoric in 6/2014.)

In a collection of essays on the commons called Stop, Thief! (2014), historian Peter Linebaugh begins by citing an anonymous English poem. 1,632 more words


Jane Austen Fragment Part 3—Binding, Mount and Box

By Jen Anderson, Snow Fain, and Tiffany Eng

After cleaning and removing the handwritten fragment from the Jane Austen manuscript, there were several more things that remained to do, before returning the book to the Jane Austen’s House Museum. 1,179 more words