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squinting from the past

A squint seems like a funny name for a window. Apart from describing a medical condition, we use it now, mostly to suggest someone looking with their eyes partly shut, often against the sun; it’s a very common Australian characteristic. 542 more words

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…..Jock was born in 1909, the younger of two sons. Through his older brother Jason, Jock got a job in an oil field in east… 371 more words

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Sunroom, Patio Enclosure Or Conservatory?

Of course timing depends on the size and complexity of your sunroom, conservatory or patio enclosure — but typically, your glass room addition is completed within a few weeks, from start to finish. 35 more words

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How Much Does A Sunroom, Conservatory, Patio Room Or Enclosure Cost?

Depending upon the model, a Four Seasons Sunroom may significantly less than a similarly sized conventional room addition. With regard to cost there are many variables to be considered before making an estimate — everything from size and style of the sunroom, conservatory or patio room, to drainage considerations at the site can affect pricing. 21 more words

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