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The 'No Assembly Hassle' Encoder from Quantum Devices

The QPhase™ QD145 has been designed to eliminate the assembly hassle and hidden cost of installing modular or kit encoders onto OEM products.  The QD145 is a complete operational unit with an integral dual ABEC 5, ball bearing, insert molded hollow shaft support that provides the mechanical stability for this low profile (0.87” high by 1.45” diameter) high resolution encoder package.   215 more words

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Immersed as Encoder

Friday Evening… and the pendulum keeps swinging – the next beginning in immersion. I will be the wish.


D.O. 240 415 11:45


POSITAL Adds Communications Interfaces for IXARC Magnetic Encoders

POSITAL-FRABA has introduced two new communications interfaces for its high-precision IXARC magnetic rotary encoders. These versatile, compact and cost-effective devices are now available with… 322 more words

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Low latency audio transmitting with vlc and ffmpeg


ffmpeg -d -vol $VOLUME -f alsa -i $HWID -vn -vol $T_VOLUME -strict experimental -acodec $T_CODEC -ac $T_CHANNELS -ar $T_RATE -ab $T_BANDWIDTH -f rtp udp://${T_IP}:${T_PORT} 30 more words


POSITAL takes rotary encoder programming into the Internet of Things

In this video, Christian Leeser, partner, FRABA Group, talks about rotary and linear motion sensing for industrial and harsh environment applications.  Leeser also introduces the UBIFAST Programmable Encoder 2.0 tool for the IXARC series of rotary encoders from POSITAL, designed to simplify device implementation by designers, maintenance staff and distributors.  110 more words

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Assignment 6#Polymorphic

The 6th assignment is to take up 3 shellcodes from Shell-­Storm and create polymorphic versions of them to beat pattern matching. The polymorphic versions cannot be larger 150%  of the existing shellcode… 3,490 more words


Decoder 2 ke 4, Encoder, Multiplekser, dan Demultiplekser

1. Decoder 2 ke 4

Tabel Kebenaran

2. Encoder

Tabel Kebenaran

3. Multiplekser

4. Demultiplekser

Untuk lebih tabel kebenaran lainnya bisa dilihat di file ini 19 more words