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Video Gives you the Basics of DIY Rotary Encoders

Is it really possible to build a rotary encoder out of a flattened tin can and a couple of photodetectors? Sure it’s possible, but what kind of resolution are you going to get from such a contraption? 198 more words

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Day 51 - Catching Up

Robotics / Engineering – I was catching up with my classes today, after missing three days last week.  For physics I was lucky to get a physics substitute teacher, and she went over inertia and a spring force lab.   68 more words

USB Volume Control

If you buy expensive computer speakers, they often have a volume knob you can mount somewhere on your desk so you aren’t dependent on the onboard volume control. 172 more words

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New Webinar: 'How Magnetic Sensing Technologies are Changing How You Use Rotary Encoders’

YouTube 39min Webinar

For year’s controls and systems engineers have had to balance the robustness of magnetic encoders with the performance of optical encoders.  However, this is no longer the case due to recent advances in magnetic sensing technologies.  107 more words


DC motor with encoder now has greater resolution.

maxon’s DC motor with kit encoder combination has become an industry standard because of its cost effectiveness, high signal quality and versatility. Known for many years as the HEDL 5540 – 500 count per turn, the range has just expanded with the new AEDL 5810 – 5000 count per turn encoders. 207 more words

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Pendulum is the best music to listen to if you want to fall in love with drum and bass. Their singer has the vocal of a pop rock star which perfectly softens the hard elements of this genre of music. 306 more words


Broadcaster Tools: Using Encoders

Firetalk is proud to offer excellent Web-based broadcasting from personal devices and their associated audio/video equipment. For creators who need more advanced broadcasting capabilities while live streaming, one popular option is an encoder. 111 more words