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HandBrake AAC Encoder | What AAC Encoder Does HandBrake Use

HandBrake, a famed open source video transcoder, gave the latest update for version 0.10.5 on February 11, 2016 bringing improvements on x265 and large AVI handling, but announcing bad news that FDK AAC encoder has been removed from this new version due to license issue. 458 more words


Hardware quadrature encoder divider - 05 - Simulation

There are many tools to simulate logic circuits, and I have no idea which is the best one.
A lot of them are free and work in browser, but many are very resources intensive or complex for my needs. 147 more words


Hardware quadrature encoder divider - 04 - Logic gates approach again

Ok, I know it’s not the easiest problem to solve and I know that probably I’m not the best in logic circuits, but for these exact reasons I want to improve my skills in this area and I will not give up on this. 246 more words


Tracking Rotary Movement

So.… What once started as another test program to learn about a sensor, turned into a colossal program that was worth of sharing with you guys. 1,847 more words


Hardware quadrature encoder divider - 03 - Logic gates approach

After some readings here and there I realized that, like many times, I’m not the first who tried to solve this problem (and fail).

Someone, like the one I found… 185 more words


Hardware quadrature encoder divider - 02 - First thoughts

There are many ways to solve my problem: first there are many commercial products that do exactly what I need. But I’m not that type of person… 480 more words


Hardware quadrature encoder divider - 01- Prelude

I’m working on a Linux CNC system, a retrofitted three axis router with servo DC and encoders. Actually the heavy work is done from the original hardware, three servo amplifier with +/-10V analog input and tachy feedback. 402 more words