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We are faced with challenges everyday.The devil always gives us the impression that we cannot overcome them.Don’t be deceived by the devil’s specious words… 157 more words

Seeds For Life

Encourage Yourself––Part II

The western culture, like the ancient Greeks, worships body and soul. By that I mean that we of the western world, have elevated the sleek, svelte body and the “positive thinking” mindset above all else. 312 more words

Spiritual Growth

Your Next Home Run

As I walked into the furniture store, the salesman waved me over, smiling.

“Did you get your free gift?!?”

I asked him what the gift was, and he said, “Oh, it’s a secret! 281 more words

Life Lessons

Encourage Yourself––When No One’s Around

It’s 2:00 a.m. and you’re feeling as if the world is crashing around you. You feel it is, but it’s not. What do you do? Call and get a friend out of bed? 370 more words

Spiritual Growth


We cherish children so much,
but after a certain age we go from uplifting them to putting them down.

We teach them that the world is at their fingertips, that they have time, that their dreams are worth pursuing, but then after a certain age we push them to be realistic, and to stop wasting time. 46 more words

Encourage Yourself

The Dead Sea

There was a boy who loved a girl, when she didn’t love herself. But as she learned to love herself, the boy resented her for it. 250 more words

Encourage Yourself