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Encourage Yourself

I have a very beautiful mother, who from the looks of things have things under control in her life, at least that is what  l think. 229 more words

Encourage Yourself

Stop believing your bullshit

The title of this post is harsh but so is the way we treat ourselves. There’s a popular saying, “we would never stand for someone speaking to us the way we speak to ourselves”. 172 more words


Ideal Time

What would you accomplish if you waited till you were in ideal circumstances before you acted? What if you waited till you felt sure that what you were doing would succeed? 104 more words


Motivating Others Instead

I have never been much of a doer. My tendencies lean more toward talking. So much so that I think myself a motivator, not a life coach because life coaches, at the very least, have a history of doing. 263 more words


The Plague of Perfectionism

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘done is better than perfect’? And if you have any shred of perfectionist in you, you cringe. This is the truth of life though – done is better than perfect. 431 more words


Let Me Tell You Something

Starting a new business is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of moxie, gumption, and greenbacks.  If you are not sure what those mean.. 607 more words

Be Your Own Boss

The Art of Being Good Enough

I don’t think I ever felt real pressure until my son was born. I don’t mean “I’ve been sitting around all day and now it’s 11:59pm, and my incomplete 5 page paper is due at midnight” pressure. 914 more words