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Motivating Others Instead

I have never been much of a doer. My tendencies lean more toward talking. So much so that I think myself a motivator, not a life coach because life coaches, at the very least, have a history of doing. 263 more words


The Plague of Perfectionism

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘done is better than perfect’? And if you have any shred of perfectionist in you, you cringe. This is the truth of life though – done is better than perfect. 431 more words


Let Me Tell You Something

Starting a new business is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of moxie, gumption, and greenbacks.  If you are not sure what those mean.. 607 more words

Be Your Own Boss

The Art of Being Good Enough

I don’t think I ever felt real pressure until my son was born. I don’t mean “I’ve been sitting around all day and now it’s 11:59pm, and my incomplete 5 page paper is due at midnight” pressure. 890 more words

Beautiful Thoughts

Inspiration|Encourage YOURSELF 

Don’t expect everyone to be excited about your every success or accomplishment in life because truth is they either won’t be or they won’t understand why you are so excited about your achievement. 15 more words


Tired Of Relying On People?

Have you ever needed help, encouragement, compliment or even an acknowledgement from someone but you never got it? Frustrating, wasn’t it? This is what happens when we solely rely on what people say or do before we act. 715 more words


A letter to myself

Lose sight of perfection, and get lost in the journey. Be okay with falling, failing. Be okay with scars. Be okay with never being quite good enough. 220 more words