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Writers, ignore the odds and write those books

I read so much on “only this teeny tiny percentage of writers are ever successful.” I ignore every such claim. Proceed to pretend you didn’t just read that and write on! 298 more words


A Late-Blooming Author's Column

You may notice that each of the Scriblerians is developing a  distinct and focused column on this site, complete with a lovely meme expressing the theme of the column. 341 more words


How to Come Down from a Conference High

Tim, Lisa, Kathrese, & I just returned from Realm Makers. Next month a couple of others will be attending the ACFW conference. ‘Tis the (conference) season. 302 more words


Writing Strengths and Weaknesses

Today I’d like to share about the strengths and weaknesses in my writing in hopes of encouraging some of you.

I’ve been writing for a long time, although I took quite a few years off to raise and homeschool my two older sons.   596 more words



I tend to think of myself as a newby writer, although I have been writing for another blog for nearly 6 years.  It is a different type of writing than what I do here, but 6 years none-the-less. 365 more words

Crossword Puzzle Solver Stie

Why Connect with Other Writers?

We all know that writing is a solitary activity, and that most writers are introverts.  That is why we, writers, have to push ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and connect with other writers? 250 more words


Spring Births: Nature and Books

Doesn’t spring just have the power to pull us out of winter and make us believers that all can be right with the world? Now I’m not usually a tulip lover but these babies were spectacular. 491 more words

Excitement About Writing