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Writing Strengths and Weaknesses

Today I’d like to share about the strengths and weaknesses in my writing in hopes of encouraging some of you.

I’ve been writing for a long time, although I took quite a few years off to raise and homeschool my two older sons.   596 more words

My Writing Journey


I tend to think of myself as a newby writer, although I have been writing for another blog for nearly 6 years.  It is a different type of writing than what I do here, but 6 years none-the-less. 365 more words

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Why Connect with Other Writers?

We all know that writing is a solitary activity, and that most writers are introverts.  That is why we, writers, have to push ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and connect with other writers? 250 more words


Spring Births: Nature and Books

Doesn’t spring just have the power to pull us out of winter and make us believers that all can be right with the world? Now I’m not usually a tulip lover but these babies were spectacular. 491 more words

Excitement About Writing

A Thursday Tribute

I have never done this before, but I really feel like I need to do this.  I want to pay tribute to two people who mean a lot to me because of their support and/or contributions to my writing life. 765 more words

My Writing Journey

Some Great Writing Tips

This past Saturday, I attended the Lancaster Christian Writers’ monthly meeting.  Laurie J. Edwards, who also writes under many pen names – one of which is Rachel Good, gave us some great information and had our minds churning about our current WIPs. 401 more words

Writing Advice And Tips

Learning new marketing tricks

I am living proof that even old dogs can learn new tricks.

Except that I’m not a dog and the tricks I’m referring to don’t have to do with “shake” and “roll over.” 506 more words

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