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Why blog? And about what?

I‘ve asked myself more than once, “Why do you write on a blog?”

If you are not contributing to a blog, here are several reasons why writers should blog. 220 more words

Rebecca Gernon

7 Winning Ways to Get Your Writing and Book Marketing Done

Today I’m looking at winter pictures to keep cool as the temperature is way up there and with the humidity feels even higher. Note to travelers: if you plan on visiting southern Ontario, come in spring or fall, unless you love heat. 964 more words

Writing Tips

Impossibility: Five Important Truths

Sometimes God leads us to do the impossible.

This morning as I waited for the sunrise to go on my walk, it started raining. I thought, … 571 more words

Writer's Life

We're All on a Different Journey Seen Through Infinitely Different Eyes and Minds

We’re All on a Different Journey Seen Through Infinitely Different Eyes and Minds. I wish the world could grasp this simple revelation, but hey, I can’t even get some of my close family members to get this. 684 more words

Writing Life

Whatcha Doin', #Writers? Working on, etc.? What I'm up to...

Hey, members of the writing tribe! Me, a born encourager, just checking in to see what you’re working on and telling you to never give up. 442 more words

Encouragement For Writers

9 Ideas to Keep Your Writing on Point This Summer

It’s a little late in the season for spring cleaning but I find that I’m looking over how time gets spent and, like an editor poring over redundant sentences, I excise those things that were not bad, which brought pleasure, but were not really helping my writing career as a whole. 615 more words

Writing Process

What I Really Want To Say

I’m sure these things never happen to any of you other authors, so forgive me while I vent for a bit among you, my friends and colleagues. 517 more words