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Underdog Stories Always Get to Me

It seems like the exact thing I need to see for my encouragement comes to me precisely when I need it. Saw this video on a recent stream of mine. 107 more words

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Planning a Book Release Party

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, an author does much more than just write. In fact understanding this was my biggest learning curve once I penned my John Hancock on my first contract. 668 more words

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Struggling with Your Book Manuscript? Just Write!

How’s that book you’re NOT writing coming along?

I must admit, writing a book is not at all what I expected, even though it’s been my dream for a long time. 384 more words

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More to My Writing Dreams Than My Own Success

As a single mom, who’s been shaken, stirred, beaten down but not out, struggled, walked ten steps forward only to be knocked fifteen back, lost everything material but eventually replaceable due to illness, I can so relate to this. 117 more words

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Words for Writers

Some great words of encouragement for writing and anything else in your life.

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Dear Writers, Be Un-stifled You

Don’t be afraid to disappoint. Be un-stifled you… #writerspic.twitter.com/tJ77bT8Xp0

— D.L. Perching (@DLPerching) June 3, 2015

The moment I saw this online, I loved it both for everyday life and what and how I choose to write.

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Starting Somewhere

A very dear friend of mine frequently said, “Do not despise small beginnings.”
It has taken me the best part of fifteen years to appreciate her advice, and it’s a quote I consider often as I go through my life on the writing journey. 458 more words

Writing Process