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Would You Date You?

They say for every man, there is his/her counterpart. Whether or not this is true has yet to be proven. What we do know, as human we go through life hoping that our perfect match would appear and end our hopeless quest. 676 more words


Menny Hapee Returns

Hi everybody, tax time!  I went through the hassle of filing all of my many W-2s, 1099’s and multiple state returns.  After all was said and done, I ended up paying about $100 to TurboTax for all of the various extra calculations the program had to do. 233 more words


Love Bombs

I have a simple goal: to make kindness a cool thing. I try to use words as my weapons and I have been trying to leave them wherever I can – on social media, in my blog, during conversations, by sending them through good old snail mail, etc. 101 more words

The Forest of a Thousand Trees: Your Future's Breath

A tree didn’t learn to stand tall overnight. It just did. And thus over time wisdom was born from a perseverance that stood tall against all that of which life would throw against it. 65 more words


Haste Makes Mistakes!

Today at my bible study one of the ladies at my table shared her comments on how the book of Esther spoke to her. She was sharing about the boldness, yet sensitive Spirit Esther possess.   378 more words



My heart is filled with so much love yet so much sadness as I type this. My soul weeps for the world but even more for the church and Christians today. 2,235 more words

Christian Encouragement

"Retarded", End the word

On behalf of my adorable grandson.

I’m not suggesting we end the use of the word when appropriate. And there are times it is. But let’s quit using it to describe someone who is “different”. 23 more words