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Some More Christian Pick Up Lines

I posted a Christian pick up line a few weeks back, and it was met with such positive feedback that I thought I’d share some more with all you wonderful people. 64 more words


By Your Side

The road God has you follow may be long and difficult, yet He is by your side each step of the way and will give you the strength to keep pressing forward until you finally reach the end of your journey. You are not alone.


Just As You Are

You may be thinking that you’ve said and done some pretty awful things and there’s no way God can ever forgive you, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 33 more words


New Beginnings

When you have had what seems to be one of the worst days of your life remember that tomorrow brings with it the hope of new beginnings.


In The Shadows

God may never call you to be in the spotlight, but to always serve in the shadows away from the attention of the world, yet that is where extraordinary things happen.


Eternally Secure

When you are in Christ it’s the safest place to be. Whether in life or in death, in him and in him alone are you secure. Eternally secure.