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Are You Growing?

           I heard a sermon this evening at church about being sure that we are continuing to blossom and bloom as Christians. The pastor gave a funny analogy that I just really loved. 398 more words



Sometimes life knocks us down so hard that it becomes difficult to stand up. You find that all you loved and cherished, ended up slipping through your hands like grains of sand. 397 more words


Burnt Offerings

Have you ever tried to use God as a way to make yourself seem cool? Have you ever put Him on display for your glory, waving Him around in others’ faces so they can see how good YOU are? 496 more words


Stop Striving And Start Thriving 

Sometimes we work harder, do more, grip tighter, and grind our teeth more thinking that is what God needs from us to earn His love and redemption. 153 more words

Summer 2015

PSA: this post is going to be pretty lengthy so if you don’t want to read this nor have the time, I advise you to leave now. 1,317 more words

The Despair of Disappointment

In that very moment of despair and disappointment you are gifted with “the Lesson learn” or what I like to call “the shock of reality”. We should give ourselves the freedom of knowing that people will disappoint us because they are not a deity and no one is perfect.   238 more words



A message to my generation:

What is important in this life? Is it clothes? Is it work? Is it God? I know what you’ll say when people are listening, but what would you say if no one was around?  963 more words