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From back to fore

“Right now, he can’t seem to lose” is what was said about one of my favourite countrymen athletes after his fourth win in the last five tournaments he has competed in… CHAPEAU!!! 414 more words


To The Sista Who Feels She Ain't Good Enough #BlackGirlMagic





STOP passing up opportunities because you’re afraid you’re not “good enough”. Those who get ahead get there because they refuse to allow anything – fear, lack of skills, lack of funds, lack of confidence, social lives, families, spouses, current jobs, anything – else hold them back. 304 more words


A Letter from My Father

Sometimes you need to look at a situation from a different perspective for it to really affect you. When you hear it told to you, it just hits in a spot you somehow couldn’t reach before. 345 more words



Be good to yourself … make wise choices.


MY LIFE STORY( I survived and you too can survive!)(2 min read)

What a life, how does it feel to be the first born of a family?

It was so difficult because you have to Carter for all as the father does. 872 more words


NaNoWriMo2016 - Day #8 - A story of jaffa cakes, mint hot chocolate and beating a personal best!

So day 8 nears its close and I have had a very productive day at my Tuesday mini write in at Cafe Nero! During that with many jaffa cakes and my NaNo friends to encourage me and the most inticing of all: the promise of a mint hot chocolate I hit past the 40k mark and I celebrated with my very first Mint Hot Chocolate in a Nero Cup: 99 more words


Out of this world

When I was a toddler, I took my first ever flight from my homeland to Europe. Including the refueling time in Anchorage, Alaska, I believe I spent more than an entire day on the plane before arriving at the final destination. 355 more words