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50 Follows

Wow! Look at that!

50 followers on this blog!

How amazing!

And it came on a day when I’m feeling I’m being too quiet a voice in the multitude. 13 more words


What Would Jesus Do? - Example vs. Mission

All my life in Church I’ve heard this message over and over. We are supposed to be like Christ. That is literally what it means to be a “Christian”. 1,347 more words


Hold on

“I wanna reset, I wanna reset, I wanna reset~” #nowplaying Reset – Tiger JK ft. Jinsil

A habit isn’t something you can get rid off easily, be it a good one or a bad one. 412 more words

In Gear (Repost)

Now that you are geared up for the race, do you have everything you need to get started? What if you did not have all you needed but you have the very basics to get started, say paper and a pen  186 more words

#encouragement #motivation #character #winning #Business #stereotypes

The Amazing Race

In life there is always a race or a rush to get somewhere or to do something. We race to get our kids to and from school and then we race to get to work in hopes of make it on time.   329 more words

#encouragement #motivation #character #winning #Business #stereotypes

Weekend Bliss

It’s the Weekend! So as you start on your quest to freedom from the work week remember to look forward to the life that you work so hard to enjoy.   203 more words

#encouragement #motivation #character #winning #Business #stereotypes