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seasons of life

When summer brings
the temperature to a boil,
look not for winter,
long not for cold weather,
but bask in the sun –
run, swim, go out to play! 30 more words


Week 16 of 52: God is doing work!

HBC 2017

A week has passed, and I still don’t feel like I have fully soaked in all God has done through HouseBoat Camp 2017. This weekend was one for the books. 565 more words


Note to Self

Life is a cycle, the world itself is round.

So if today, the skies are darker, tomorrow will be brighter, a brand new start.

In whatever journey you choose to walk on, be the best in the best and worst of situations. 139 more words


the Lord our portion

Be persuaded, that God in Christ is the only good. Seek the discovery of the glory of God in Christ. Persons may harangue ever so long about the world’s emptiness and vanity; but they will never part with it until they get something better in the place of it. 100 more words


Captain [6.10.17]

It’s been a while, but in light of recent events I decided to record another cover :)
Captain – Hillsong United (Cover)
[] 392 more words


avoid the lips that flatter

“Another sin of the tongue, is flattery,
or the giving of undue and undeserved praise.

The desire to say something which will
please the person we are speaking to, 240 more words


Week 13/14 of 52: A Tribute to Graduates

This post is all about the graduates in our lives. I had an opportunity to speak this week at an 8th grade graduation. That combined with Swan Wedding 2017, I have been crazy busy this past week. 905 more words