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The Power of Encouragement

“I could use a little more encouragement around here” is something we often mumble to ourselves as pastors. Criticism seems so easy for parishioners to express; encouragement, not so much. 378 more words

You Reign - Part 2

Friendly Tip: Let His Power In You Speak For Itself

Life will throw you a few curve balls, won’t it? We’ve all experienced them, haven’t you? 353 more words


How to give helpful encouragement to a friend

On this talk show:  How to provide encouragement to a friend…plus, how to deal with a loved one who is dying…plus, how to recover from the feeling of abandonment… 27 more words


Fostering Love on Facebook!

Well, it’s two days after Valentine’s Day! Are we still all about love? I have complained at times about some of the posts on Facebook to my sweet husband, Jim. 676 more words

Call the Midwife 2 (See Blog 22/12/2014)

Back in 1964 when I was expecting Fiona my mother constantly repeated the story of my own birth. “You’ll have no trouble having this baby,” she would remark. 424 more words

Three Friends You Want in Your Corner

Since the friends we choose reflect the person we really are, we have to look into ourselves carefully to make sure that we are first a good friend before we can expect that from other people. 331 more words