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Be a Barnabas

Sand Storm… that’s what it looked like. Red sand blowing into our faces, making us thankful for our sunglasses. I laughed and told my husband that people pay good money for microdermabrasion treatments on their face and we are getting one for free! 542 more words


We all need a little encouragement every once in a while.

We all have rough days. Some of us have rough weeks, months and years. I had a rough day recently. But, between my husband and my group of girlfriends, I have an amazing support system. 77 more words


Bad Days Don't Equal A Bad Life

I totally get it and I have to agree that bad days truly suck! They make things seem worse than they are, they test you like no other, and many times the hits keep coming one after another. 401 more words


Summary/Application: Discipling - make disciples[new believers in Jesus], then baptize them and teach them the commands of Jesus.

1. In the New Year resolve to be an encourager A and peacemaker.  B

2. Resolve in the New Year to use the “overlook” or “reconciliation” response to  conflict.  295 more words

Discipleship Training

Peacemaking in Sharp Conflict between Paul and Barnabas

As Paul and Barnabas planned to depart on their 2nd missionary a sharp conflict developed about the person who would accompany them. We will see the conflict was resolved by the two men in a way that furthered the gospel of Jesus. 260 more words

Discipleship Training

Critis are around us

This world has plenty of critics around and everywhere, really…Encourager is only one and is self.