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BitLocker - The Parameter is incorrect (While Decrypting)


Can’t decrypt the drive.
Even after decrypting can’t access the drive.


Bad sectors/sector fault.
Bad fragments.


  • Run Command Prompt (CMD) as Administrator…
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Password hygiene

By now, we probably all know that we should have different passwords for every account we have, and use different ones for each website.  You probably also know that they should be a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols. 266 more words

Security 101

Apple claims its opening of the kernel was deliberate 

We recently ran a story which said Apple may have cocked up by forgetting to encrypt its kernel. Now Jobs’ Mob has claimed it did it deliberately. 266 more words


Apple’s latest security mess 

Opened up the kernel for inspection

With its release of iOS 10 Apple appears to have forgotten to encrypt the kernel, leaving security researchers baffled and virus writers rubbing their paws with glee. 448 more words


Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is a small piece of the Oracle Advanced Security option.  This option is separately licensed and is not covered by the Enterprise license.  777 more words

C#.Net and Android - Blowfish Algorithm Compatibility

While working on a project which has a functionality of synchronizing data from .net to android and vice versa. We need to send the data from .net to android which must be encrypted in .net and decrypted in android using “BlowFish Algorithm”. 607 more words


Insider threats: A persistent and widespread problem

When it comes to cybercrime, a lot of the focus is centered on external threats and on the individuals who actively attempt to cause harm and damage, whether by infecting a computer system with malware or through the encryption of files for reasons of… 1,031 more words

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