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House Bill Could Block State, Local Bills that Seek to Undermine Mobile Encryption

I am encouraged by this bill if for no other reason than the impracticality of individual states attempting to enforce technical controls on mobile devices. 7 more words

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Encrypt Decrypt string using AES alogrithm

using System.Text;

public class Crypto
private static byte[] _salt = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(“o6806642kbM7c5″);

/// <summary>
/// Encrypt the given string using AES.¬† The string can be decrypted using… 490 more words


File Encryption/Decryption With PHP

Often we find the need to protect certain files so that if they are ever subject to unauthorized accessed, the contents can be safe. Encrypting info in a database is pretty straightforward, however encrypting files in a directory is not always. 264 more words


Startup guide to SSL certificates

Making the BEST choice when considering your online security options.

Whether you are an individual or a company, you should approach online security in the same way that you would approach physical security for your home or business. 14 more words

GPT LUKS LVM Arch Install Guide 2016


Hey everyone. I decided to make this install guide because I found most other guides out there now either out of date, or not quite what I needed for my particular system. 1,601 more words


You are Secure with Spletter

Spletter was designed to protect the security of your letters and personal information.  Here are just a few things we did to ensure your security and privacy: 244 more words


Serialize and Encrypt an Object using C#

CodeProject Background

When I was working on some demo applications to check out the IoT buzzword, I needed a way to securely submit messages back and forth between applications running on different platforms. 1,103 more words