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Get Kakasoft Folder Protector for Free!

We all have files in our PC that we usually do not like others to access. We use many folder Lockers and deceiving folder names to keep these files safe and secure. 432 more words

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Painful Poetry

So never cry a poem out of pain
For it will painfully open a wound,
Once stabbed beyond comprehension
With a similar anguished cry voiced… 104 more words


Concept Of E Commerce

The E Commerce in India has come a long way since early days. The market has matured and new players have entered the market space. It is important for us to first understand the concept of E Commerce: E Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the Internet. 534 more words


AWSAD2 - Securing Windows Store App Data - Encrypt Decrypt Demo





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Password Protect Or Encrypt Microsoft Word 2003

by frankieleon
Many people are unaware that you can password protect Microsoft Word 2003 document. If you need to protect a document, Microsft Word 2003 can assist you in protecting your document’s security. 12 more words

Eramsoft presents ?Spiderman? for your SWF files: Flash Secure Optimizer: Obfuscate, Protect, Encrypt, Compress, and Optimize!

by Ars Electronica
That’s right! Eramsoft is one of the leading software companies which are offering Spiderman powers to their customers. You must be wondering what can be those super hero powers that make us to emphasize. 14 more words

Password Protect Or Encrypt Excel 2003

by cbmd
If you need to protect a sensitive excel document, Microsoft Excel 2003 makes it easy. Microsoft Excel 2003 offer several features to help restrict access to files through the use of passwords or encryption. 12 more words