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People are flocking to encrypt their emails following Trump’s election

#Trump #Election2016 People are flocking to encrypt their emails following Trump’s election As the population comes to terms with the new American President, a number of U.S. 54 more words

KillDisk now targeting Linux: Demands $250K ransom, but can’t decrypt

ESET researchers have discovered a Linux variant of the KillDisk malware that was used in Ukraine in attacks against the country’s critical infrastructure in late 2015 and against a number of targets within its financial sector in December 2016. 971 more words

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Introducing Ransomware Shield

A new feature called Ransomware Shield has been added to ESET consumer products and is set to be released on Monday, December 12th.

How we addressed ransomware so far… 208 more words

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Decrypt/Encrypt passwords from/for config.xml in Weblogic

1. Set Required CLASSPATH

$ export CLASSPATH=/u01/app/oracle/product/j2ee/wlserver/server/lib/weblogic.jar:/u01/app/oracle/product/j2ee/wlserver/modules/com.bea.cie.config_5.2.0.0.jar:/u01/app/oracle/product/j2ee/wlserver/modules/features/wlst.wls.classpath.jar

2. Create a file decryptPassword.py and copy following contents

# This Script decrypts WebLogic passwords if you forget them
# Usage: 
#      wlst decryptPassword.py <ABSOLUTE_DOMAIN_PATH> <ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD>
import os
import weblogic.security.internal.SerializedSystemIni
import weblogic.security.internal.encryption.ClearOrEncryptedService

def decrypt(absoluteDomainPath, encryptedPwd):
    domainHomeAbsolutePath = os.path.abspath(absoluteDomainPath)
    encryptionService = weblogic.security.internal.SerializedSystemIni.getEncryptionService(domainHomeAbsolutePath)
    ces = weblogic.security.internal.encryption.ClearOrEncryptedService(encryptionService)
    clear = ces.decrypt(encryptedPwd)
    print "RESULT:" + clear

    if len(sys.argv) == 3:
        decrypt(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])
        print "INVALID ARGUMENTS"
        print " Usage: java weblogic.WLST decryptPassword.py <ABSOLUTE_DOMAIN_PATH> <ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD>"
        print " Example:"
        print "    java weblogic.WLST decryptPassword.py /projects/domains/domain_name {AES}819R5h3JUS9fAcPmF58p9Wb3syTJxFl0t8NInD/ykkE="
    print "Unexpected error: ", sys.exc_info()[0]
    raise… 140 more words
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Android ransomware spreads further, with new methods in its toolbox

Ransomware seems to have maintained its attractiveness amongst cybercriminals, steadily growing on multiple platforms – including mobile since 2014. Android users have been targeted by various types of this extorting malware, most frequently by the police ransomware, trying to scare victims into paying up after (falsely) accusing them of harvesting illegal content on their devices. 226 more words

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Secure Your USB flash Drive for Privacy - Bitlocker

Most of us are using a USB flash drive, aka a pendrive, to store private data files. We store our pictures, excel sheet, financial data, word documents and other private data on these devices. 23 more words