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Five tips for keeping your database secure

When we give privacy or security advice, we usually talk about strong passwords, backing up your data, using security applications, keeping systems up to date, and avoiding default settings. 823 more words

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How To Secure Thumb Drives

Informative article from MakeUseOf –

USB thumb drives are small, portable, and universally readable. These features make them perfect vehicles for transporting data between computers. Due to their portability, however, they are also easily lost. 89 more words

Peepdf analyze PDF

PEEPDF – Powerful Python tool install on Termux SECURE FROM HARMFUL PDF

    Powerful Python tool to analyze PDF documents on Termux
    Analyzing Suspicious PDF Files With Peepdf & SECURE FROM HARMFUL PDF…
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BadRabbit | a new ransomware | spreads in Ukraine and Russia


A ransomware spreads through Ukraine and Russia

A new Ransomeware attack spreading through Ukraine, Russia and Eastern European countries, targeting corporate networks, computer systems, Airports and Several Russian media outlets. 126 more words


DoubleLocker Android ransomware explained

Cybercriminals have developed an innovative ransomware that is based on the foundations of a particular banking Trojan to misuse Android accessibility services.

Discovered by ESET malware researcher, Lukáš Štefanko,  620 more words

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