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A while back I mentioned in my post on Backups that we needed to talk about Encryption, so here we are. First of all, I need to explain what encryption is. 1,034 more words

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Introduction to Asymmetric Cryptography - Part 2/2

The idea of the Asymmetric Cryptography is completely different than the Symmetric Cryptography, but slightly identical. They are identical in the term of exchanging data (hidden messages). 170 more words


Introduction to Asymmetric Cryptography - Part 1/2

Before getting deep into the second part of the Cryptography (Asymmetric Cryptography), let’s do a quick recap of the previous part (Symmetric Cryptography… 216 more words


Encrypting an Image Using ECB Operation and CBC Operation

This is an example of the process of encrypting picture on its original status; and how it will look like after encryption process using both… 97 more words


Trends in Android ransomware

2016 brought some interesting developments to the Android ransomware scene, seeing ransomware emerge as one of the most pressing cybersecurity issues on the mobile platform. Authors of lock-screen ransomware, as well as file-encrypting “crypto-ransomware”, used copycat techniques proven effective in desktop malware, as well as develop their own sophisticated methods specifically designed for Android users. 200 more words

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Hello friends! We store our important data using USB pen drives as nowadays they are in fashion. I could say without an USB pen drive we can’t even imagine of sharing data as they are the best in that. 348 more words

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Introduction to Cryptography - Terminology and basic scenario

Before we get deep into cryptography, we need to understand the basic terms. The table below shows the terminologies that you need to get familiar with during the use of cryptography. 347 more words