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Configure ssh server with encrypted home directory

The following instructions are to set up an ssh server on Ubuntu linux with an encrypted home directory. Throughout username refers to an actual username like phil. 357 more words


What I've been up to recently

As part of my degree requirements, I’ve got to complete a large project within a group of four people. The project goal is self selected, but must be useful and related to software engineering. 913 more words


NX machine, custom ssh configuration and on disk encryption for the faint of heart

Recently I switched an ubuntu test server running Precise Pangolin¬† from x11vnc to No Machine Nx server. I suppose (but haven’t tried) that those indications may also work for… 851 more words


SSH key authentication with encrypted home directories

Yesterday, I ran into an interesting problem: I tried to set up SSH public key authentication between two of my machines, c3po and r2d2, so I could log in from rohieb@r2d2 to rohieb@c3po without a passphrase. 424 more words