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Hi Granny.  This one is for you.

When I was a younger coder, building user interfaces, I had a mentor who gave me some advice. She said “Always build your user interfaces so that your grandmother can use them without any help.” It was good advice, although it promoted a stereotype that is not necessarily valid anymore.

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Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for April 24

We made it to Friday, kittens, by the skin of our teeth and the sweat of our brow and the duke of our earl and where were we? 598 more words


Securing Wired and Wireless Networks

Physical Security

If you manage a network for a home, an office or even a large enterprise and you want to keep that network secure, a great way to do that is to put the networking equipment in a closet or a data center and lock the door. 1,184 more words

Comptia A+ Notes

How SECURE are YOUR passwords?

People typically take extra precautions safeguarding valuable items – maybe items that have a sentimental value or perhaps tangible, monetary possessions that have been accumulated throughout the years. 592 more words


Secure Portable USB Devices

When working on a case that involves sensitive or confidential data, the capability and requirement of securing that data is critical.

Apricorn products have been around for a while and provide numerous product solutions that secure, portable and very reasonably priced. 167 more words


RSA2015 – SSL Everywhere (feat Holmes)

F5 Worldwide Security Evangelist, David Holmes, talks about why the internet is going SSL Everywhere. He explains why there’s been a surge in encrypted traffic and reveals some interesting statistics from his ongoing research on the SSL protocol. 84 more words


A (Secure) Chat with WikiLeaks

Today’s article comes to us from Interwebs Security correspondent Tyler L. Jones. It is his first appearance in the Cryptosphere.

WikiLeaks is at it again. 825 more words