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Europe's justice ministers unsure on whether to push for decrypt law

European justice and home affairs ministers are putting their heads together to try to decide on a collective response to Internet companies’ use of strong encryption. 1,264 more words


Change in the World of Information Security

This year, Cerdant implemented and became a reseller of what we believe is the most effective endpoint security solution in existence. It’s called Cylance ( 1,613 more words


Warning over targeted emails!


In the past week, we have seen emails being sent direct to end-users with detailed information about them. The image below only shows this persons first name, but we can confirm the first name and surname are correct along with his home address. 283 more words


London Attack: Police commissioner urges tech firms to help in terror investigations

The London attack which left four people dead was a “wake up call” for technology firms to get their house in order over extremist material being circulated on the internet, the acting head of London’s police force said on Wednesday. 450 more words


How Facebook - the Walmart of the internet - dismantled online subcultures

Before the internet, people interested in body modification – not just tattoo and piercing enthusiasts, but those drawn to more unusual practices like ear pointing, tongue splitting, suspension, scarification and the voluntary amputation of limbs and organs – had a difficult time meeting others who shared their interests. 166 more words

How WhatsApp encryption works - and why there shouldn't be a backdoor

A battle between national security and privacy is brewing. Governments and secret services are asking encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp to allow them access to users’ data. 285 more words

Live Webinar: How To Achieve Total File Security in the Cloud

Today’s IT professional is stuck in the middle of a file sharing tug of war. One side has the end users who want the improved productivity that mobility and collaboration promises. 108 more words