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Honeyd Tutorial Part 1, Getting Started

This series of articles will focus on honeypots using an application called honeyd. There are a number of honeypot solutions out there but I personally feel like honeyd is a great fit because it can be relatively simple or you can start tweaking it to get a more full featured product. 1,276 more words

Cyber Security

Exigent Circumstances: iOS 12’s USB Restricted Mode and Warrantless iPhone Access

Apple’s USB Restricted Mode may prompt police to argue they don’t need a warrant to access iPhone data thanks to “exigent circumstances.”

Source: Exigent Circumstances: iOS 12’s USB Restricted Mode and Warrantless iPhone Access


The Cypherpunk Manifestos

Reading a lot about privacy and anonymity and cryptography and cryptocurrency and Darknet hidden services and Tor lately.  Something that has caught my attention is the Cypherpunk movement, and their manifestos. 389 more words


Scam of the day - June 23, 2018 - NASA Cybersecurity Failure

Although it should not take a rocket scientist to figure it out, cybersecurity is important. I first reported to you about one of NASA’s security failures in 2012. 441 more words

Identity Theft

Encryption Backdoors are Dangerous and Don’t Work

The Proton Mail Blog has an article that serves as a tutorial about backdoors in encryption and the dangers of using any encrypted data that contains a “backdoor” for use by law enforcement personnel and others. 91 more words

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Live Webinar: Ransomware Checklist - Are You Ready For Ransomware's Next Wave?

Believe it or not, it has been a year since WannaCry crippled organizations around the world, and since that time ransomware attacks have only accelerated. The ransomware “industry” is now a $5 billion market and is projected to grow to over $11 billion by 2019. 142 more words


SlideShare: Three Reasons Storage Security is Failing and How to Fix It

An organization’s data is constantly under attack. Whether it’s through ransomware attacks, cyber-threats or employee misguidedness, all expose organizational data and put it at risk. Encryption and access control are the keys to securing data and cyber resiliency, but most storage systems throughout the infrastructure (primary, secondary and protection storage) treat security as an afterthought reducing flexibility and increasing complexity. 87 more words