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Why 2015 is the year of encryption

During a visit to Silicon Valley earlier this month, President Obama described himself as “a strong believer in strong encryption.” Some have criticized the president for equivocating on the issue, but as “strong believers” ourselves, we’ll take him at his word. 812 more words

Samsung is still lying about the encryption on its Smart TVs


When news broke that Samsung’s Smart TV’s listened to conversations and sent them to a third-party server company, the Korean manufacturer countered by claiming that all data transmissions to and from its televisions were encrypted. 429 more words

European Privacy

Proposed Chinese security law could mean tough rules for tech companies

China apparently wants to one-up the U.S. and the U.K. when it comes to urging technology companies to install security backdoors and break their encrypted documents and user communications in the name of national security. 382 more words

NSA Director Wants Complete Government Access to All Encrypted Data

NSA director Michael Rogers said Monday the U.S. government should be able to craft a policy that allows the NSA and law enforcement agencies to read all encrypted data whenever they need to. 53 more words


Encrypt your critical documents and share them securely

Here is a database that enables you to store and share a critical document containing confidential information in a secure way on your computer.  The view shown here illustrates a list of records that the user sees on entering the secure database. 115 more words


Concealing a Message in an Image with Steghide

Follow the steps below to embed a concealed steganographic message within an image file and extract it again using Steghide.

1. In any convenient location, create a new directory named “SteghideTest”. 238 more words