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Defying Other Government Officials, the Federal Trade Commission's Chief Technologist Strongly Recommends Encryption to Everyone

Some government officials and presidential candidates have recently been quoted as saying that encryption by private individuals is a bad thing because it hinders law enforcement officers from snooping in citizens’ private files and messages. 280 more words


ProCodeCG Kids Programming Class 29 Aug 2015 - Simple Encryption

Today. We learned some encryption. Yeah :)

The encryption for today is simple substitution ;)

The kids had to type down everything to find out what “encryption” means. 168 more words


SQL Server - Data Encryption - Compare Bulk Data Retrieval


As a follow up to a foundational post on data encryption, let us compare the cost of reading and persisting the read data.

DDL… 1,079 more words


Google Tells Developers How to Get Around Apple's New Security Rules So They Can Keep Selling Ads

Apple says it cares a lot about privacy. Just ask Tim Cook.

Hence, its new iOS 9 operating system will boast a new feature, called App Transport Security, or ATS, which is supposed to require iPhone app developers to use an advanced security protocol. 282 more words


Why not "third party secure email"

This article describes an attempt to use Virtry and Lockify, as a secure email messaging platforms

The websites were suggested by author’s accountant, after the former insisted on a secure communication… 533 more words


You're Back

You’re back for hidden answers here
Stop listening to those unclear seers
Stinking thinking can only steer fears
Poets write for themselves not your tears… 30 more words


Unifyle Releases Lots of New Features

For a young company, we’ve accomplished a lot, and we continue to push hard to make Unifyle better every day. We’ve heard your requests and are proud to announce the release of a bunch of new features. 605 more words