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Explaining the ‘Mystery’ of Numbers Stations

There are two kinds of dedicated radio listeners. Most are those who listen regularly to their FM or AM station of choice, or to a station that only broadcasts on the internet. 43 more words


The FBI’s Mistake on Encryption

The Washington Post reports that the FBI has repeatedly overstated the number of devices it can’t unlock.

Source: The FBI’s Mistake on Encryption


FBI admits to inflating number of crime-related devices it can't crack

Investigators can’t get into 7,775 devices, FBI Director Christopher Wray repeatedly claimed in 2017, using the scary statistic to argue for encryption backdoors.

He made the same “this is letting the crooks go dark” argument over and over, including on 7 December, when he testified before the… 491 more words


Shockingly, the FBI exaggerated the number of encrypted phones it can't unlock

Officials including Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher A. Wray have systematically repeated in speeches that the FBI was unable to unlock some 7,800 encrypted smartphones that were connected to crimes last year. 415 more words


The FBI overstated the issue of accessing smartphones

”A programming error led the FBI to vastly overstate the number of cell phones that investigators could not access because of encryption, officials said Wednesday,” The Associated Press reports. 141 more words


The FBI Lied About the Number of Cell Phones Where Criminal Investigations were Blocked due to Encryption

For the last two years, the FBI has repeatedly claimed that thousands of phones linked to criminal investigations were inaccessible due to locks and encryption. Last year FBI Director Christopher Wray said it had failed to access 7,800 mobile devices, but tonight a Washington Post report reveals that number is incorrect. 64 more words

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The FBI Said Phone Encryption Was Stymying It in Almost 8,000 Cases. That Turns Out to Be a Big Exaggeration

How many encrypted phones are stymying the FBI’s investigations? For the last seven months, the agency has been touting the number of 7,775 in relation to last year alone—but it turns out that the real figure was many times smaller. 324 more words