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ISO decides not to approve two NSA encryption algorithms, citing trust issues

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) decided not to approve the NSA encryption algorithms Speck and Simon after expressing concerns that the NSA was able to crack the encryption techniques and would thus gain a back door into coded transmissions.

Source: www.scmagazine.com

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Facing skepticism by experts, NSA backs down in global encryption standards debate

Representatives from the United States National Security Agency (NSA) withdrew a proposal to introduce new global industry standards for data encryption, after encountering prolonged skepticism by experts representing other Western countries. 326 more words

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Origin eyes cheaper electricity with blockchain trial | iTnews

Origin Energy is set to trial a peer-to-peer energy trading platform that makes use of blockchain distributed ledger technology.

The trial, between Origin and Australian blockchain energy market provider Power Ledger, will begin in October and run for three months. 10 more words


How BitPaymer ransomware covers its tracks

Thanks to Anand Ajjan and Dorka Palotay of SophosLabs, and Paul Ducklin of Naked Security, for the research this article is based on.

Ransomware is a blunt instrument that wants your money and doesn’t usually care if it leaves footprints behind. 1,013 more words

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Can Ransomware Infect Your Backups? - BackupAssist Briefing Note

It should come as no great surprise that ransomware is one of the scariest challenges for data protection people today. Black hats have figured out they can make more money faster by going after small and medium businesses than simply targeting individuals who can only afford to pay a few hundred dollars. 649 more words


WhatsApp rejected UK Gov request to access encrypted messages

In the latest privacy storm, it has emerged that WhatsApp has rejected a UK government request to access encrypted messages

Instant messaging service WhatsApp has reportedly rejected a demand from the British government earlier this year for it to create a backdoor into its secure network. 29 more words

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What Is Ransomware?

Sure, you’ve heard the phrase “ransomware”, and some of its specific variants like Locky, Crypto, or WannaCry, since they’ve made headlines, but what exactly is “ransomware”? 247 more words