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Welcome! To say it’s been an eventful month would be an understatement.  There were some very significant development during May that underline some of the core insecurities that InfoSec has brought to light, like the inherent flaw in encryption on the internet. 3,772 more words


Federal Wiretaps Down Slightly, Encryption Impact Decreases

According to the 2014 Wiretap Report, released today by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts a total of a total of 3,554 wiretaps were reported as authorized, with 1,279 authorized by federal judges and 2,275 authorized by state judges. 44 more words

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Founding Fathers: Marketing and Other Lessons from Thomas Jefferson

The first few blogs in this series will keep with the 4th of July theme. This is the 239th birthday weekend for the United States. Despite current economic challenges, the American dream and the American spirit live on. 592 more words

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CryptoWall 3.0 Prompt Delivery via RIG Exploit Kit and Google Drive

Google drive under attack…you do not want Crypto

By Ionut Ilascu    2 Jul 2015, 15:27 GMT

CryptoWall attacks increase in sophistication and number

CryptoWall dominance among ransomware with file encryption capabilities continues as new email campaigns are flung against users, some of them recording thousands of infections per day. 350 more words

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Amazon’s s2n Announcement: Time for Serious Crypto Investment

Following Amazon’s recent announcement of s2n, their new open source TLS implementation, there has been plenty of speculation about what it means for the future of communications security. 578 more words


To Encrypt or Not to Encrypt

We are seeing a major policy tug-of-war about privacy on the Internet. On one side are law enforcement and national security agencies that want to be able to monitor everything that happens on the web. 831 more words

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Jonathan Tyne makes one-time pad encryption practical

This post is an excerpt from the next to last chapter in my novel Affirmative Action. It is long, more than 12,000 words – read it as if it is a short story – and there is much dialogue in it between my protagonists Catherine Duvall and Jonathan Tyne, whom Catherine knows by his assumed name Michael Ware. 13,031 more words

Affirmative Action