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Just as law enforcement can pursue a number of different alternatives to mandating encryption backdoors, so too can privacy advocates take steps beyond encrypting their data to ensure their privacy.

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Encryption Backdoors – The False Sense of Security Delivered by Your Government

Encryption is a way for people to keep their online data secure, whether that’s from the prying eyes of worldwide intelligence agencies, hackers with dollar signs in their eyes, or over curious friends. 892 more words


Hackers are Using Hotel Wi-Fi to Spy on Guests and Steal Data and Money

This is one more reason why you always want to use a VPN, especially when traveling.

An advanced hacking and cyberespionage campaign against high-value targets has returned. 389 more words

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Apple's Privacy Executives Lobby Australian Government Against New Encryption Law | Mindless Magazine

A looming change in Australia’s privacy law has led Apple to send its top privacy executives to the country twice over the last month to lobby the government against such changes. 31 more words


RSA Says You Can't Force the Private Sector to Break Encryption

RSA’s VP and GM of Global Public Sector Practice Mike Brown believes there’s a better way to thwart terrorism than breaking end-to-end encryption, as recently proposed by the Australian government. 374 more words

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