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gocryptfs cheat sheet

Gocryptfs is a tool for file and directory encryption tool available on Linux distributions. Two advantages with gocryptfs over encryption offerings includes the ability to run without admin access, and reverse encryption mode (ideal for backing up files to cloud-based services). 330 more words


KeePass - a password manager that's cloud-less (but complex)

It can get a bit overwhelming for the average person to understand all the security-related best practices they might hear about online or at work. This one is certainly worth harping on about though: credential reuse. 936 more words


Enterprise File Sync and Share Comes of Age - FileCloud Briefing Note

File sync and share is one of those IT initiatives that administrators would rather avoid and there are what seems to be viable alternatives in the consumer cloud. 964 more words


Forever 21 tells customers that some credit card numbers may have been stolen

(Source: techcrunch.com)

This week, the clothing retailer Forever 21 disclosed to customers that it was hacked earlier in 2017. While the company has not yet offered many details about the intrusion, we know that it is looking into a portion of credit card transactions between March 2017 and October 2017 that were conducted over machines that appear to have been insecure. 120 more words


Keying Payloads for Scripting Languages


I’ve been a huge fan of the Ebowla project and find keying payloads valuable in both standard penetration testing engagements along with red team operations. 1,740 more words


How to protect your Android phone’s sensitive data

If you’re like most people, you store a lot of sensitive information on your Android device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet. This can be critical business information, banking and payment apps, or personal data, messages and photos that you don’t want the public to see. 1,685 more words