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Review: Without quick updates the Moto G4 is merely good, not great

(Source: arstechnica.com)

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It’s not really realistic to expect any new Moto G to live up to the first one. 1,889 more words


Wire Wants to Bring Encrypted Chat to Cars and the Internet of Things

Encrypted communications services have been gaining popularity since Edward Snowden first made his revelations about mass surveillance years ago. Now the technology may go mainstream—and get easier to deploy—within industries such as health and automotive. 433 more words


The Encryption Debate: Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall

Overall, the encryption debate is about having more security or less security. Companies within the United States should be able to comply with warrants to the extent they are reasonably able to do so. 519 more words


DNA-Based Encrypted Storage

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico are experimenting with encrypted DNA storage for archival applications.

Husband and wife team George and Marlene Bachand are biological engineers with a remarkable vision of the future. 554 more words


BlackBerry's CEO still thinks Apple should let the government spy on users

The Apple vs. FBI legal battle over the San Bernardino case in early 2016 was one of the most important events of the year so far, as user privacy, device security and terrorism converged in a single case. 315 more words


WhatsApp Blocked in Brazil due to Criminal Case

Facebook won’t turn over data, so a judge shut it down…

A Brazilian judge has blocked Facebook’s WhatsApp from operation inside the country and has authorized a fine of up to R$50,000 ($15,273 USD) per day while Facebook refuses to comply with a secret judicial order to provide data in a criminal case, according to… 89 more words

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Encrypting .NET Config Files in a Shared Development Environment

This page will attempt to describe how to encrypt sensitive information contained in .NET config files using the RSA Key Container, as well as how to export/import the key from that container so that other developers may use the same key to work on the same project. 819 more words