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A Haunted House Can Be a Home

I hadn’t set foot on the property since completing a stealth moving process during the winter of 1995. At that time, the ruined brick bungalow in the Northwestern Chicago neighborhood of Dunning was nearly seven miles away from my widowed grandmother’s apartment in North Center. 1,126 more words

Contemplating My Navel (Personal Blog)

Episode 5: Jakeroo and Angie Too!


Yee haw and welcome back pardners!  This 5th Episode of the Vital Information for Everyday Life podcast takes you down the nostalgia trail with Hey Dude!  118 more words

90s Kids

Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master: The Medieval Guild

I became fascinated with guilds when I moved to Germany. Being an avid reader of all medieval history I could get my hands on, I was well aware of the… 1,010 more words



Performance Artist/Poet Rivas takes us through his updated version of the old Encyclopedia Game to commemorate the announcement that, after 244 years of publication, 53 more words


The Lottery (1969, Larry Yust)

The Lottery has a lot of mood. Isidore Mankofsky’s lucid but muted cinematography captures a routine day, not even special with an entire small town gathering in a large field. 358 more words


And then I fell ill...Terribly ill...

Falling ill anywhere is fraught with many ifs (if only I did this), buts (but I should have done this to avoid) and why (why do I have to get ill at this moment). 1,047 more words