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My Heart's Desire by Andrea Kane

This is the book that started it all: my love for England, my love for everything British, my love for historical romances, and my love for history. 542 more words


What Happen to Encyclopedia Britannica??

After nearly 244 years the Encyclopedia Britannica stopped printing in 2012. According to Julie Bosman author of, After 244 years Encyclopedia Britannica stop the Presses. “Those coolly authoritative, gold-letted reference books that were once sold door to door by a fleet of traveling salesman and displays as proud fixtures in American homes will be  discontinued”(Bosman). 323 more words


Polemiche dopo la scoperta che l’autore più prolifico è un software che ha redatto quasi tre milioni di voci. La quantità va a discapito della qualità? 48 more words


A Taste of Zen: Daju Huihai

© 2011 Andrew Ferguson, Zen’s Chinese Heritage: The Masters and Their Teachings.
Reprinted by arrangement with Wisdom Publications

Zen master Daju Huihai, whose name means “Great Pearl Wisdom Sea,” lived and taught in the late eighth and early ninth century. 1,314 more words


Astral Conversations

Time and space tingle upon my fingertips
All the power in my hands
Making reality as I see fit
My Mind, a celestial encyclopedia
Knowing all known and undiscovered… 46 more words