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Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal (born 1977) is an American actress. She started out appearing in films directed by her father, Stephen Gyllenhaal, and achieved recognition in a supporting role in the… 184 more words

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Poetry of Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou’s books of poetry are widely admired best-sellers, though not as critically acclaimed as her seven autobiographies. Angelou (1928–2014), a prominent African-American writer, used everyday language, the Black vernacular, Black music and forms, and sometimes shocking language to explore themes of love, loss, struggle against oppression, and overcoming hardship. 184 more words

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Misunderstood 7 colors of a rainbow

Why do we see a rainbow on a rainy day when the Sun comes out from behind the clouds? Why we see exactly 7 colors and not 5, 8, 10 etc ? 561 more words



Kenneth Horne (1907–1969) was an English comedian and businessman. His burgeoning career with the Triplex Safety Glass company was interrupted by wartime service with the Royal Air Force. 169 more words

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Operation Hardboiled

Operation Hardboiled was a Second World War military deception. Undertaken by the Allies in 1942, it was the first attempt at deception by the… 171 more words

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The Quontha

The Quontha (also known as Cothaway’s Sea Monster, the Creature of Thunderous Divinity or Flipsy) was a creature of indeterminate origin that lived in human understanding precisely once, for twenty-seven minutes, on February 30th 1845 (double leap year). 201 more words