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You Could Look It Up by Jack Lynch

My wife reads very fancy books about books and manuscripts and language. I read a lot, and do appreciate the idea of these, but this is more my level.  298 more words

Book Review

Encyclopedia of Legendary Creatures

Encyclopedia of Legendary Creatures by Tom McGowen, 1981.

This book is organized into brief encyclopedia-style entries, describing legendary creatures from around the world.  Everything is in alphabetical order, not organized by country or any other over-arching categories. 335 more words


"It might help to think of the universe as a rubber sheet, or perhaps not"*...

You have most likely encountered one-sided objects hundreds of times in your daily life – like the universal symbol for recycling, found printed on the backs of aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

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Encyclopedia Got My Mom Into Trouble

When I was in grade school, I used to go to the library to check out science books. I don’t know, I was a bit geeky back then. 348 more words


New Essay at The Wisdom Daily: "The Loneliness of Isidore of Seville"

Thanks to the editors of The Wisdom Daily for publishing my essay on the Isidore of Seville, the seventh century Church Father, polymath, and compiler of an ur-Wikipedia. You can read it here.


The Knitters Dictionary - So Much More

I found the PDF version of this book far more helpful than the Kindle version. The Kindle version was six ways of messed up, but the PDF was glorious by comparison! 171 more words


Object-002 • Growing Encyclopaedia (draft for SCP)

  • Item # – Object-002
  • Containment Difficulty: Safe

Special Containment Procedures

Object-002 is to be put in a fake library and said library is to be populated with books. 381 more words