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Natasha and the Encyclopedia Badenov

June Foray may no longer be with us, but we still have Natasha Fatale to tell us everything we need to know about encyclopedias.

Encyclopedias can end in disaster.  67 more words


Maths 1001


Maths 1001 is extremely useful, in my opinion it is superior to its Science 1001 cousin which was review at an earlier date.

Details: 137 more words


Science 1001


Science 1001 is in every sense a useful book. It lives up to the promise of ‘Bite-Sized’ explanations and it really is ‘much easier than a textbook’. 219 more words


Another striking evidence of the deep interest of these generations in science of all kinds and in details of information with regard to which they are generally said to have been quite incurious, was the publication of the famous encyclopedia, the first work of its kind ever issued, which was written about the middle of the thirteenth century by Vincent of Beauvais.

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[monday, may 8, 2017]

→starter fluid ether

continuing the journey to make my car run better, a conversation with a coworker led to this topic.  for the life of me, i knew what it was that i wanted to name, but could not spit it out, so i went to google for help. 162 more words


Quebec is for questioning research sources

There is a vast amount of information on the web and most it may be muddled on a blog or in news articles with skewed views. 504 more words

Michelle M. Perkins

Without Eyebrows We Could Die.

My brother read in an encyclopedia that our eyebrows are important because they, along with our eyelashes, help to keep dirt out of our eyes. He theorized that if dirt got into our eyes, we could get an infection that could get into our brain and we could die. 784 more words

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