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Animal Encyclopedias: A Short Essay

Dust-consumed animal encyclopedias filled with dull yellow and wrinkled pictures illustrating the anatomies of lions, tigers, and bears, small delicate beige seeds that looked like old women puckering from sour foods now sprouting into gargantuan green-leaved plants that curl around window sills, and Elmer’s cardboard tri-fold display boards decorated with painfully sparkly eye-catching experiments on worm races and the distribution of water throughout backyard crops. 429 more words


Book Review: The Know it All, by A.J. Jacobs

And I’m back!

I’m running just a little late with this entry- been busy lately, not reading as much as I’d like. It also doesn’t help that I’ve decided to give National Write A Novel Month a go (again), only to realize a few days in that my concept is more difficult than I thought it would be, and the resulting work is pretty terrible, and so I’m falling behind and will probably give up (again). 802 more words

The Empire strikes back: Spain vs. France in the eighteenth-century encyclopedia

As a scholar of the ‘other’ enlightenments, i.e. those that were not located in England or France, but rather in Spain and Italy, I have been struck by the extent to which the eighteenth-century French rhetorical style controlled the reader’s view of the world. 638 more words

New Book Announcement

World Book has mutated!

There was a time when the World Book was just one plain brown set of encyclopaedias sitting on a shelf. Nowadays it has transformed into a startling array of gorgeous looking eResources. 324 more words


MUST READ: This #Free #Online #Encyclopedia Has Achieved What Wikipedia Can Only Dream Of | Quartz #websites #content #Internet #reference

Fantastic article relating to authoritative content on the web. Well worth the read start-to-finish.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy may be the most interesting website on the internet. 73 more words


Writing Improves Your Skills

Reasons to Write

By Rory C. Keel

Why do I write? Is it because throngs of fans demand it, anticipating every word of my next masterpiece? 272 more words


Britannica For Schools

We have a subscription to Britannica for Schools, a quick and reliable source of information. You can access Britannica  or use the QR code to go straight there on your Smart phone or Tablet. 26 more words