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But why?

Valentine’s Day got me thinking about gifts. See my husband is really good at getting me good gifts. I can honestly say he’s never gotten me a gift where I was like “wtf”. 841 more words

Thunderous-Mouth-Milling and Petty-Bragging: Some Words for a Thursday

The Suda has the following anecdote which seems to be taken and altered from Diogenes Laertius or something similar.

“thunderous-mouth-milling”: Eubulides says this “the eristic, asking his horn questions and discombobulating the orators with his falsely-intellectual arguments, taking with him the “thunderous-mouth-milling” of Demosthenes. 105 more words


Open letter to Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Founder

Dear Mr. Wales:

I understand your concern. Everyone and anyone wants my hard-earned money. (It’s actually my husband’s money, but still.) I still have a little bit of money left from my previous job that I can do whatever I please with it. 514 more words


Voltaire Lab: new digital research tools and resources

As part of our efforts to establish the Voltaire Lab as a virtual research centre, we are pleased to announce a major update of the… 634 more words


The beauty of open education

This video made me remember a conversation I had with my husband about encyclopedias, two nights ago. In the 80s, encyclopedias were sold door to door in Brazil as well as in other parts of the world. 779 more words

EC&I 831

How Social Media Endangers Knowledge | WIRED

Social networks train us to focus on images and emotions, sapping the quest for knowledge.

Social networks, though, have since colonized the web for television’s values.

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Retrospective: Encarta 97

Apparently I really have run out of old games to talk about, because this is the second in a row of my world-renowned, award-winning retrospective series dealing with a program that isn’t a game.  1,183 more words