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The end of the beginning is closer!

The beginning of the end is near!

The more I look, The less I hear.

The more I look, The more I fear! 77 more words


No one knows

Mark 13:1-37

Certainly with all the conflict, violence and natural disasters, the end must be near. How could things get much worse? Evil is personified in so many ways; terrorist, tyrants, and gangs all threaten the safety and security of the human family. 267 more words


end is near

“Come near my precious,”
said the wolf who ate grandma.
“What a long NOOOooo… .” Crunch!

* * *

don’t breathe too near me
you might catch what I now have… 61 more words


"The End is Near"

This may look funny and even sound cliché, we’ve seen signs like this before in movies or even in real life. But have you ever thought when the end will be? 701 more words

Bianca is soon to be done!

That’s right! it is finally almost over,  for Bianca’s first book! I am so very excited, and yet I am already feeling the loss. Bianca has been with me for a while, and I know that she will not be gone for good. 193 more words

White Lady Update

Some days all I want to do is write

I had a crazy thought the other day. What if I had a computer linked to my brain and all the stories that swirl around in there would get typed out as fast as I could think of? 293 more words

White Lady Update