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New Beginings 

This week I left my job to pursue a more creative future. At the moment I don’t have any employment or a concrete plan…eeek! I have decided to apply for an MA in Product Design and work on my portfolio which I haven’t touched for a few years. 32 more words


RIP Lasuni

When I first joined Lasuni back in January of 2011, I didn’t think much of it.  Back then I shared a thought which many voice upon joining Lasuni – this game’s a lot like Habbo!  2,867 more words

End of an Era

That’s right, the venerable old gym at my undergrad university is going the way of the dinosaur…And we were invited, as alumni, to watch the final game! 125 more words


An ode to a Cavalier

The last straw was a broken alternator.

I had been driving my grandfather’s tannish 1987 Chevrolet Cavalier since college (1996 or thereabouts), and it had been experiencing growing mechanical issues, from a wacky fuel pump to a broken air conditioning to an oil leak. 886 more words



Four years ago today, we finally brought our son home. Today, I was telling Das Big Boy about the significance of the day. “It’s like your birthday in a way,” I told him, “only different.” (I didn’t want him to start grubbing for presents). 591 more words

Das Big Boy

The end of an era.

Some would say that this is a tale of tragedy. A worst case scenario in the current financial climate with unemployment at an all time high. 471 more words

End of an Era: RadioShack

Cables, fuses, LEDs, and capacitors. What is the first place you would think to go to get everything on this shopping list? Once the hub of tinkerers and electricians, RadioShack has been a leader in the electronics industry for the last 94 years. 542 more words

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