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End of an Era

The end of a friendship is weird thing. Sometimes it’s not a fight or a disagreement that ends a friendship, but sometimes time or space or just ‘life’. 315 more words


Mad Men - The Forecast

So Mad Men is ending, and by no means will this become a weekly occurrence, but last night’s episode was so classic and brilliant I can’t get it off my brain. 436 more words


Ten things I'll miss about Karlsruhe

I’m not including people on this list, because I think it goes without saying that I’ll miss my friends! Also, people can move so theoretically it would be possible for the people I like to also come to Basel ;-) But even ignoring the people, I will miss some things about the place that’s been my home for the past eight and a half years! 642 more words


End of an Era - Mary- 4/18/15

End of an Era
April 18, 2015
Dear M,
Change is hard. You are struggling with the knowledge that your family is selling the land, the land that has been part of your family’s history going back to your Grandpa’s time. 579 more words


Fife Diet - Chronology

Useful resources and interesting history of the Fife Diet here.


Fife Diet Achievements and Reflections

Mike Small reflects on the Fife Diet (published here)…

‘Why don’t we eat more food from near where we live?’ 

This was the simple question that began the Fife Diet – a year long local food experiment which has since morphed into an exploration of what sustainable food looks like, and a hundred more questions. 764 more words


An Empire In Trouble; Is Manchester City’s Dynasty Crumbling?

Manchester City seem like a football club caught at the crossroads in terms of the clubs accomplishments in relation to the objectives outlined and the investment ploughed into the squad; questions are being raised regarding the current crop of players and their ability to overcome that Champions League hurdle and be perennial semi-finalists at the least while constantly displaying the desire to win in every game. 2,189 more words

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