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End of an Era

As much as Nate wanted to avoid admitting it, the day had come. At the shoreline of a small bay, where the water faintly climbed and then receded along the shore, the family cabin stood under the sun, facing the vast lake. 789 more words


My history. Part Seven - coming home.

Leaving Australia was extremely difficult for me. I’d really built a new life over there and would miss my new friends dearly. I’d been offered the chance of sponsorship by the agency I was working for. 533 more words

The end of an era

I am finding myself writing less and less these days for so many different reasons I won’t even start to bore you with them. That being said it’s 1am I am just in from the pub (far from sober) and all I can think to do is this. 481 more words


March 16

Gentle creaking floorboards patterned with clicks

Humming lights warm in the quiet,

We’re not early.

Queue dissipating through the Fitz like smoke.

Us two, the end of a thinning tendril. 76 more words

I'm out.

So last week I fucked Jay without a rubber and I felt weird about it, so I went and had an STD test, turns out I have a UTI, which funnily enough he is taking ownership of. 374 more words

Titled, not entitled

So just yesterday, I graduated again. This time for my Masters in Social Work and it still feels like it didn’t happen, or more so, I still cannot believe that it’s actually over. 1,638 more words