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The end of an era.

So clearly my plan to keep up regular blog posts momentarily went out of the window. But to be fair, saying I had the most hectic few months of my life so far would be an understatement! 441 more words

Mad Men Finale

Many times when one of my favorite shows ends, I get a feeling of relief, of closure, of satisfaction. I typically feel as though I’m happy with where things end and where the characters end up, as television writers are real pros at that sort of thing (see: Bad, Breaking). 643 more words

For Your Consideration

So what now ...

So, university is over!  What do I do with myself now??

Its been two weeks and I have now become accustomed to the life of an unemployed student… However, as of today I have been placed on a waiting list to start a therapeutic radiography job :D HURRAHH!!! 273 more words


Shut the Door. Have a Seat. Or the end of Mad Men

Golly, I’m sure there’s a latin word for it, but there’s a certain amount of mourning one has to go through when a TV series ends. 786 more words


Farewell to The Late Show with David Letterman 

Even though it’s Wednesday night, I do not have any jokes for you. Tonight is a night when history is being made, it’s the last episode of The Late Show with David Letterman. 178 more words

I'd like to buy the world a Coke

This Sunday saw the End of an era in that it was the last time we would be treated to the exploits of Don Draper and the Madison Avenue gang over at Mad Men. 662 more words

Don Draper

Recapping the Mad Men Series Finale: Person to Person

By Mike Visconti

It has been maybe 15 minutes since the final scene of Mad Men rolled off my tv screen. My thoughts on the series finale and the series as a whole seem like too much to express in a singular post. 1,444 more words