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The end of the evolution is digital

That’s exactly the way I feel about the digital revolution being the end of humankind and then some :)

Read and comment here: https://tigr.net/4680/2016/03/22/the-end-of-the-evolution-is-digital/
Читать и обсуждать: https://tigr.net/4680/2016/03/22/the-end-of-the-evolution-is-digital/



Death from The Skies by Philip Plait
Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

I normally don’t review two books at once. There are reasons not to do it now: these two books have more in contrast than they do in common, and my reading of both was quite different: Death From the Skies I read over the course of a couple of months, a little here and a little there; Guns, Germs and Steel I tried to read straight through, and failed to complete — at least partly because that is not, for me, the best way to read popular science. 1,439 more words

Book Review

Civilizations Greatest Foe

Destroyed our planet
with heads held high,
now we march on
ready to fight,
cloaked in ignorance
and claiming divinity,
we plant our flags, 158 more words


New Year Wisdom

New Year Wisdom

After going to a New Years party for a few hours, I came home to welcome in the New Year online with okcforgottenman. 891 more words

Judy Dykstra-brown Essay

The 2016 American Presidential Race As An Embodiment of the Direction of Western Civilization

The Western world is hungry right now for an honest, bold, authentic sounding voice in the midst of superficiality that has been our culture for the past years. 238 more words

Before The Fire Starts

White students at UC Berkeley started a White Student Union this past week. A black man at a Trump rally was assaulted by a crowd (ironically yelling “all lives matter”) while attempting to protest yesterday. 341 more words

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SciFi News Network 2272: 3 Select and 44 Slaves Killed in Mine Collapse

The Sparrow’s Fall

August 17, YOOL 2272

Weekly Newsletter of the Hampton Roads Archipelago

Province of Tidewater, Kingdom of Eastern Virginia

Isaac Childofgod A.P.

     Less than an hour before the end of the workday on Satursday August 10th, Selectmen Citizens Aaron Israel, Seraph Churchbell, Jerusalem Lordly, and Noah Prayerful were finishing work deep under the landfill mine of Trashmore in the borough of Virginia Beach, satisfied with their week’s work excavating a rich vein of Ancients’ electronic devices and plastics. 240 more words

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