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Recent Science Fiction. With Women

Two books I read in the last few months had me thinking not just about how science fiction is changing as a genre, but also how we as a society must be making some sort of improvement after all, if even male science fiction writers recognize their fellow geeks who happen to be women to the point of giving them lead roles in their stories. 589 more words



So excited to share “Preppers” with you!

Here is a sneak peak of the Original Series I am working on!

Effective altruism: Peter Singer, The Most Good You Can Do

I like philosophy that engages with the world it lives in, and that has impact not just on academia but on institutions, corporations and public discourse. 644 more words


Book Review: Faith by John Love (Three Stars)

Book Review: Faith by John Love

Three Stars out of Five

A science fiction tale melding hard science (mostly correct), with first (well, second) contact of a really weird kind, with a prolonged (almost book-long) space battle. 98 more words

Book Reviews

Artificial superintelligence without the body

It has not been the case before in the history of humanity that we have stood on the brink, scientists say, of creating artificial intelligence… 589 more words


By a Thread

Think of something you take for granted every single day.
Electricity, Water, plumbing in general…food (Stores), transportation, a roof over your head.
Now take at least one of those away for an undetermined time. 401 more words

Spoiler alert II

CDC Spokesman:

At approximately 1230 hours on Tuesday, October 14th, sensors at the National Irresponsible Research Laboratory in Chicago reported an Expected Apocalypse Event involving a lethal biological agent. 

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