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Before The Fire Starts

White students at UC Berkeley started a White Student Union this past week. A black man at a Trump rally was assaulted by a crowd (ironically yelling “all lives matter”) while attempting to protest yesterday. 341 more words

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SciFi News Network 2272: 3 Select and 44 Slaves Killed in Mine Collapse

The Sparrow’s Fall

August 17, YOOL 2272

Weekly Newsletter of the Hampton Roads Archipelago

Province of Tidewater, Kingdom of Eastern Virginia

Isaac Childofgod A.P.

     Less than an hour before the end of the workday on Satursday August 10th, Selectmen Citizens Aaron Israel, Seraph Churchbell, Jerusalem Lordly, and Noah Prayerful were finishing work deep under the landfill mine of Trashmore in the borough of Virginia Beach, satisfied with their week’s work excavating a rich vein of Ancients’ electronic devices and plastics. 240 more words

Science Fiction

"When civilization ends, it ends fast."

I don’t know about you, but I sure struggled through season four of the Walking Dead. I know, I know, season four was a long time ago. 240 more words


Recent Science Fiction. With Women

Two books I read in the last few months had me thinking not just about how science fiction is changing as a genre, but also how we as a society must be making some sort of improvement after all, if even male science fiction writers recognize their fellow geeks who happen to be women to the point of giving them lead roles in their stories. 589 more words



So excited to share “Preppers” with you!

Here is a sneak peak of the Original Series I am working on!

Effective altruism: Peter Singer, The Most Good You Can Do

I like philosophy that engages with the world it lives in, and that has impact not just on academia but on institutions, corporations and public discourse. 644 more words


Book Review: Faith by John Love (Three Stars)

Book Review: Faith by John Love

Three Stars out of Five

A science fiction tale melding hard science (mostly correct), with first (well, second) contact of a really weird kind, with a prolonged (almost book-long) space battle. 98 more words

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