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BAG MEN Vol. 1 Giveaway Part 2

Continuing directly from part 1 (here). Also, if you’d like a copy of the whole story for your preferred eReader device (Kindle, Nook, etc.) or a PDF version, just email me at… 4,238 more words


A few days ago I was browsing my archives,  looking for something,  when I came across an old posting in my “WHAT’S IT?”  series.   (Soon as I learn how to add “pages”  to the Spruce Tunnel I’ll set up a whole page for all the “WHAT’S IT”s  –  they’re fun!  851 more words

2016 Issues

Summer reading 2016: Obsessed with the future

There is a common thread in all the books I’ve read in the first stretch of this summer: the future. I know that the past offers rich rewards – history, biography and historical fiction produce many of the pleasures of reading. 944 more words


History #4: End of the Bronze Age

The end of the Bronze Age is a sudden, violent, disruptive, and largely unknown event in world history. Between 1200 and 1150 BCE, almost every major city in the eastern Mediterranean was destroyed, many of which would not be occupied for another thousand years. 940 more words