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Guest Post: Critical Moments

I’m thrilled to bring the first-ever guest post to The Growth Curve, written by my longtime friend and colleague. Pete Beaulieu, DO, MPH, is an intense and fascinating guy who, it turns out, is also a writer. 806 more words


Take Our Quiz To Test Your Wits On Aging

As we get older, it helps to tickle the noggin’ with trivia. Here’s a pop quiz to see what you have learned as a regular reader of Kaiser Health News. 24 more words

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Day Four

The other day, I was talking with some folks at a party, and after hearing I had no children, someone expressed how lucky I was that I could ‘just go be’ with Daddy during those eight months he and I had together. 174 more words


End-of-life Health Care decisions and questions

If you are faced with making healthcare decisions for someone who is dying and no longer able to make his or her own decisions, ask the medical staff these… 176 more words


Ep. 96 A Caregiver's Letter to His Dying Wife with Joe DiNardo

Learn how this caregiver coped with his wife’s illness and rose above grief to experience unconditional love.


In this episode I share an interview with Joe DiNardo who talks about his book…

376 more words

Catherine Byrne: Palliative care a kindly end-of-life right — Family First NZ

NZ Herald 24 June 2017Family First Comment: From a palliative care specialist who knows…“All the genuine and compassionate reasons people have for being in favour of euthanasia can be met by good palliative care and that removes the obligation for doctors – till now only concerned with enhancing life – to instead be responsible for…

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American Life in Poetry: Column 639


One of my favorite poems is Louise Bogan’s “The Crossed Apple” which mentions two species, Meadow Milk and Sweet Burning, and since reading it many years ago I have ma de notes of the names of apples, a poet’s delight. 232 more words