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Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose

When someone is the same age as me and dying, their situation has a heartache inducing fascination for me, a kind of ghost visiting from another realm telling me about time running out and asking me what I’m doing with my life. 1,038 more words

Death And Dying

Why do we Fear the End of Life and Words Like: Assisted Dying, Assisted Suicide, and Euthanasia?

My purpose in writing this article is to raise awareness, get discussions flowing, and make the topic less fearful.

The current debate about voluntary assisted dying provides an opportunity for action to address inequities in the current healthcare system, to help dispel the fear of death, and to better support the health workforce in delivering high-quality care for those facing the end of their lives. 1,770 more words

How is Heaven?

What a shock!

No matter how long you lived the shock of losing your body must be a surprising  experience.  By shocking of course I mean surprising. 864 more words


Saying Goodbye

The thing I’ve dreaded most has come.

You’ve stopped eating. Your body is just too tired.

I know now I will never get to see you again. 210 more words


Freedb gateway: End of life notice, March 18, 2019

Many moons ago people clamoured for a way for them to use MusicBrainz via their old FreeDB (and others) enabled players. The hope was that this would be a short term solution as more players picked up MusicBrainz support so we created the FreeDB gateway that allowed old clients to use an ancient interface to look up CDs with MusicBrainz. 186 more words


Letter to a Young Addict

A few summers ago, I stumbled upon an article about a writing group for people recovering from drug addiction. My own struggles have not been with drugs, but I knew of no other group of people in the area who might even come close to understanding what I was experiencing, and so decided to join. 165 more words


Ep. 160 Writing About Death, Dying and Grief: Dr. Karen Wyatt on "The Creative Penn Podcast"


In this episode I share an interview I did with Joanna Penn on her podcast for authors “The Creative Penn.” We talk about why it’s important for authors to address death and grief in their writing and I’m sharing it with you to illustrate how we can talk about death with other people who don’t necessarily share our knowledge or interest.

319 more words