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The end of the first Big School year.

As we languish by our holiday pool five weeks into the long school summer holidays, I catch myself marvelling how it was almost a year ago since Husband and I waved off #1 and 2 onto the school bus for their first day at Big School. 1,013 more words


Mind 'crammed' fulness

I’m dragging myself and my boys through the last few days of term. I think dragging is a good term because that’s what it feels like. 396 more words

Beginnings and Endings...

For those of you who have been toiling in the vineyard all year, and for everyone else, too…..some thoughts to ponder.

This is the end of another year of teaching… 175 more words

school's NOT out for summer.

mornings are hectic. plain and simple. but lately, they seem almost manic. the last of the school year always brings on that feeling of, when will it ever ENNDDDDD.  580 more words

Andi, Technología 6a

Entry 6 (Click here for entry 5 and here  for entry 1)


School’s finallllyyy out and I’m so excited for the summer! We didn’t do much on the last day of school yesterday, and once school ended,  Vivian’s party started and it was great! 388 more words

Another World

Andi, Technología 5a

Entry 5 (Click here for entry 4 and here for entry 1)


Hello. The last day of school is tomorrow. I’m really excited. I’ve felt really tired these past few days, I feel both really stressed and really relaxed at the same time because I keep wanting school to be over but I still get a few last bits of homework. 270 more words

Another World

The Year in Review

Our Homeschool year has drawn to a close.  The portfolio has been put together and evaluation was done yesterday which means that we are officially done with 3rd Grade. 760 more words