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Second Year + What I'm Doing With My Summer

The last couple of months have flown by, and been filled with half written blog posts. And since I’ve been home, my computer has been giving me this look…. 380 more words

-Interlude- Looking forward to summer!

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m currently drowning in deadlines! Whilst it may feel like it’s never ending I’m happy to say I’ve reached to half-way point! 408 more words


Taking the rug out from under them...

This blog stems from a conversation I had with some colleagues this morning, initially around drafting writing for English.

If there is one thing that my daughter starting school has reiterated for me, it is about the power of being ‘right’. 402 more words

English Teaching

I am not on the beach.

It is the end of term. I know of exactly one fellow grad student who is relaxing on the beach while reading books for pleasure… 980 more words

Fearing the Possibility of a President Trump or Cruz, Diplomats Scramble to Ink International DealsĀ 

From Alternet, by Marlena Fitzpatrick

Dumbfounded at what is happening in the GOP primary race, world leaders are accelerating the pace of diplomatic work before Obama’s exit. 766 more words


Keeping students engaged at the end of term

One of the things I have always struggled with is keeping end of term lessons purposeful and productive. There is always that gentle reminder from the senior leadership team to avoid playing films and letting students run wild for a lesson, but in reality we all know that if we keep the usual lesson format and content there won’t be an awful lot of learning taking place. 311 more words

It's been a backwards day

Today is the last day of spring term, I am so excited for the holidays with Jenson, seeing my teacher friends and lazy days. I am also scared at how quickly this term went and hoping next term goes slower, I am not ready to leave my baby yet. 245 more words