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HIROSHIMA: What does it mean to say, "We are ALL 'hibakusha'?"

by Joe Scarry

Participants in the World Nuclear Victims Forum in Hiroshima

I have just returned from the World Nuclear Victims Forum in Hiroshima.

The big lesson from this gathering is: “We are ALL hibakusha!” What does this mean? 603 more words

End Of The Empire

It's Time for the United States to Stop Hitting the Bottle

by Joe Scarry

It is common for people who have an alcoholic in the family to dread the holidays.

They try to imagine the joy and celebration, but in their heart they know what’s really coming is just the next episode of drunkenness. 434 more words

American Military Culture

Flasback: How About a REAL (Tea) Party? SHUT DOWN THE MILITARY BASES!

by Joe Scarry

Since we’re being given a taste of what can happen when parts of the U.S. federal government are shut down, let’s talk about having a real party: how about shutting down all those military bases? 491 more words

American Military Culture

Reflections on Indigenous Peoples Day 2015

by Joe Scarry

Today we observe Indigenous Peoples Day (heretofore “Columbus Day”).

I wish that today I could point to some full-blown writing and activism that I have already done about Indigenous Peoples.  1,262 more words

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